BFGMiner Four

Development Technobabble

BFGMiner Four.Five is now available with a myriad of features and improvements for both Scrypt and SHA-2 mining. Spil the current maintainer of Scrypt support ter BFGMiner, I thought I’d highlight some of the features that I’m excited about ter this release.

Per-core mining stats for GridSeed and ZeusMiner ASICs

It is now possible to view per-core statistics for both GridSeed and ZeusMiner Scrypt ASICs. To take advantage of this feature, press the [D] key ter the UI and then press [M] to enable processor-level statistics. Eventually press [Terugwedstrijd] to come back to the main BFGMiner UI.

View / set clock frequency for GridSeed and ZeusMiner ASICs within the UI

Prior to BFGMiner Four.Five, while you could switch the clock speed for Scrypt ASICs via the guideline line, you could not make those switches within the UI. Commencing with version Four.Five it is now possible to both view and switch the frequency for GridSeed and ZeusMiner ASICs ter the UI.

To do this, press the [M] key te the UI and then [Up] and [Down] arrows to view the clock speed of your ASICs. To switch the frequency of a device, press the [C] key and inject the desired frequency followed by [Come back].

Support for 256-chip ZeusMiner ASICs

Version Four.Five of BFGMiner provides official support for the 256-chip ZeusMiner-powered War Machine from GAW Miners. Simply pass ter the number of chips using the –set argument to get commenced:

bfgminer -S zuster:all –set zuster:chips=256 –scrypt -o hostname -u username -p password

Set clock frequency for ZeusMiner ASICs via the RPC API

It is now possible to set the clock frequency for ZeusMiner ASICs while mining via the RPC API (this wasgoed already supported with GridSeed ASICs). For example, to set the frequency for the very first ASIC to 330:

Improved compatibility with violated Scrypt pool implementations

Eventually, BFGMiner Four.Five introduces improved compatibility with Scrypt pools that request a difficulty that is multiplied by the onveranderlijk 0x10000 . This is a standing convention with Scrypt pool implementations that BFGMiner has deprecated for some time. Wij are actively working with pool authors to upgrade their implementations to eliminate this unnecessary complication. For example, P2Pool has merged a fix here.

For more details on the makeshift compatibility fix you can reference the code here.


You can find downloads and resources for BFGMiner on Windows, Linux, OS X, and embedded devices here. If you are interested ter running BFGMiner Four.Five on the TP-Link 703n router you can download firmware here.

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