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Its 1 month (31 Days – 5th Jan 2018) since I took out the HashFlare mining contract and so I thought I would finish a review to see how my investment is coming along. For very little effort on my behalf I voorwaarde say this is going superb. I loom ter every few days to check my balance is Ok and so far all seems well. They did have some kwestie around delayed BTC payments but this wasgoed due to block chain delays rather than HashFlare themselves having issues.

I wished to have a detailed pagina covering what wasgoed spent and what wasgoed earned and projected, so I can look back te 6 months and compare the results. There are slew of YouTube movies showcasing this but they all seem very quick and clicking about and don’t truly vertoning the detail.

I see a loterijlot of FUD and people shouting “HashFlare Scammers” etc on Twitter and other social media but I disagree. So, far its bot a slick process and I am very pleased with the results. I created an account, update all my profile, sent them some BTC (it did take Trio days to be confirmed before the Hashing embarked, but they commenced my contract the day the Hashing began and not the day the payment arrived) My hashing began and I waited for the BTC to roll te

HashFlare Real Effortless Real Money

I commenced of on HashFlare with a contract of 40TH/s recommended to mij by a friend, this actually got mij into some bother with the wifey but once she could see the results she wasgoed sold and suggested wij buy some more hashing power. Personally I think she is fed up with all the low hum from the super fairly miners around the house and she want slok of them

My initial purchase wasgoed 40TH/s on 4th Dec 2018, I then followed this with a 180 TH/s contract on the 8th Dec 2018. Bringing the total HashFlare Cloud Mining Contract to 220TH/s

Very Pleased with the results so far but do not believe the projections HashFlare voorstelling on the dash houtvezelplaat, thesis are calculated on the day and nothing more. I voorkant this te another postbode but here is the current forecast from HashFlare:

HashFlare Jan 2018 Revenue forecast – Click to increase

I purchased both contracts when HashFlare wasgoed selling at $1.50 vanaf GH/s, they are now selling at a much higher price of $Two.20 vanaf GH/s

40 TH/s = 0.4855 BTC

180 TH/s = 1.9872 BTC

Total 220 TH/s = Two.4727 BTC

I have my account set to “Do Not Reinvest” and so I by hand pay-out when I loom onto the portal to check my balance. Due to the high fees at the ogenblik I will pay-out by hand once a week on a Sunday from now on. I don’t project to specie out to FIAT right away so I am not fussed if the payment take a few hours to arrive, I know it will arrive eventually spil I have had Three payments from them so far.

I voorkant the reinvest v HODL on another postbode here: HashFlare reinvest v HODL (coming soon)

HashFlare Do Not Reinvest – Click to Enhance

There is no referral verzekeringspremie on thesis numbers, just the pay-outs from the zuivere 220 TH/s Hashing power.

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