How much will tens unit cost to run my mining equipment?

Published by Paul Stryer on December 8, 2018

Most everyone that starts mining usually very quickly has the same three subjects te the forefront of their thoughts.

  1. Wow my living slagroom is very hot and noisy, I’m going to need somewhere different to mine.
  2. Why does my spouse always look at mij with the evil eye every time they come into the living slagroom (maybe I should pick up the 57 empty mannetjesvarken cans te my mining slagroom)?
  3. I wonder how much this tens unit is going to cost mij?

Subject number one is a subject that is one that all of us miners have issues with. Where do I waterput my mining gear so it will not interfere with the normal usage of my huis. There is nothing I can tell you here to help with the layout and usage of your huis, but you can reduce the amount of fever your equipment produces by switching the coin you are mining for. Mining for ZCASH (ZEC) takes considerably more power then it does to mine Ethereum (ETH). It has bot my practice that my GPUs will run at about 75c to 80c when I mine for ZEC (Click Here to see ZEC configurations), and the same GPUs will run at about 55c to 60c when I run ETH (Click Here to see ETH configurations). You suggestion is to mine ZEC ter winter and ETH te the summer to help control the temperature ter your huis and the GPUs.

Come on honey, the living slagroom is not messy. You should see Joe’s place.

Subject number two is one that I can’t help you with, my solution wasgoed to just get rid of the wifey. You most likely don’t want to take my advice ter regards to this subject (LOL).

Subject number three is one of the most worrisome subject to most miners. So I think it is a good time to have a serious conversation about how to predict how much your electrical play going to cost you. Very first condition you need to learn is power usage is directly related to what coin you are mining.

  • ZCASH requires more tens unit then ETH and produces more warmth.
  • ETH requires less power then ZCASH and produces less warmth.
  • Power Usage Goes up = Warmth goes up

Calculating Mining Power Cost

To begain this conversation wij vereiste very first begin out by defining a few terms, and how to convert inbetween different measurements of power. So to commence off the conversation wij need to define the term Watt. The most common household use of the term Watt is the power rating you see on a light bulb. When you go to the store and buy a light bulb you will most likely buy a 40, 60 or 100 Watt bulb. So most people know the word Watt, but don’t truly know what it is.

  • Watt is the electrical unit for the rate at which energy is generated or consumed.
  • Watts = KiloWatts x 1,000
  • 1 KiloWatt = 1,000 Watts
  • 1 MegaWatt = 1,000 KiloWatts

Now that you know the difference inbetween Watts and KiloWatts, wij need to learn to convert inbetween them. Most meters to measure how much power your equipment is using will display how many Watts your equipment is consuming, and wij will need to convert the number of Watts your equipment is using into KiloWatts. The ordinary way to tell you how to convert Watts to KilloWatts is to just budge the decimal three places.

  • 598 Watts would equal .598 KiloWatts or KWatts for brief (notice i moved the descimal three places to the left).
  • 702 Watts = .702 KWatts
  • .730KWatts = 730 Watts Notices I budge the decimal three places to the right this time)
  • .Three Kwatts = 300 Watts

The next part of the puzzle wij need to waterput together is how many days ter a month. Spil wij know if your mining equipment is not running it is not making money, so wij can assume your mining equipments will be up 24x7x365 days a year. Wij also know that there are different amount of days vanaf month, so for my calculations I just average the days out.

Number of Days te a Month:

  • 365 Day/Year / 12 Months (average)
  • 365 / 12 = 30.42 days vanaf month average

The last lump of the puzzle is you need to know how much your electrified company charges you vanaf KiloWatt/Hours (KWh) of power consumption. The electrical company usually has different tiers of rate plans depending on if you are te a commercial, industrial or residential location. So you will need to grab your latest power bill and it will tell you how much you are being charged vanaf KWh. You also need to see if they charge you differently ter the summer then ter the winter. My power company charges 9 cents vanaf KWh.

Collecting the Gegevens:

Once you have your equipment up and running you will need to collect the gegevens from your equipment to be able to calculate how much the equipment is going to cost you vanaf month. The best way to collect the gegevens you need is to buy one Kill-A-Watt peettante vanaf power supply te your equipment. The peettante is very ordinary to use, just buttplug the peettante into the wall and cork your equipment into the wall. Turn you equipment on and give your equipment a few minteken to come up to speed. Once your equipment is mining at total speed just press each button and write down the results of each button.

Here are some results from one of my equipments. One set of results will be while mining ETH and the other set of results is while mining ZEC. This particular equipment has 12 Nvidia 1070 GTX GeForce Founders Edition GPUs te the equipment. This equipment also has two 1200 Watt power supplies so I have two Kill-A-Watt meters and two sets of readings.

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