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iMovie enables users to view, edit and share movies. But if you’re a Windows user and want to make huis movies with good movie editing software, then you may need iMovie for Windows programs. Here I recommend five all-in-one iMovie alternatives for PC programs – all of them are ideal iMovie for Windows (Windows 7, 8&, Ten included). Here is an introduction of thesis five iMovie alternatives for Windows programs.

1. iMovie alternative 1: Wondershare Filmora

Get an easy-to-use iMovie for PC contraption to edit and create your own movie.

  • Support much more formats than iMovie, including AVI, MKV, MOV, MP4, etc.
  • Crop, trim, split, rotate, combine your movie ter clicks.
  • Touch up your movie with stunning transitions, intro/credits, and sound effects.
  • Add more advanced movie effects like Mosaic, Face Off, Leap Cut and more.
  • Save movie te different formats, upload directly to YouTube and Facebook, and burn to DVD.

Why choose Wondershare Filmora

Different formats support

The best iMovie alternative for Windows Filmora supports virtually any movie/photo/audio formats. Just invoer media files into it, and then you can feel free to edit them ter a quick process.

A large diversity of animated intros and credits, automatic transitions and tailored soundtracks can help you get began with your huis movie right away.

Powerful movie editing contraptions

Besides the classic features like trim, crop, cut, split, rotate, merge, etc, you can also apply more advanced movie editing functions like Picture-in-picture, Mosaic, Face Off, Leap Cut and more.

One-click to save your movie ter all most all the popular formats. You can also transfer your movie to different mobile devices, upload to YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook or burn to DVD.

Two. iMovie alternative Two: DVD Slideshow Builder

Get a fantastic slideshow movie making to lightly weave your movie, photo and music together.

  • Add unlimited photos, movies and music to create your own slideshow.
  • Apply more than 480 movie styles and different kinds of 3D and 2D transitions.
  • Lightly edit the photo and music with the built-in editing implements.
  • Uitvoer your slideshow ter different formats, upload to YouTube and burn to DVD with nice DVD menus.

Why choose DVD Slideshow Builder

To create a stunning slideshow, just add your photos, movies and music to the Storyboard, personalize it with titles, credits, voiceover and theme effects. Then output it.

Different movie styles for you

480+ ready-to-use free movie styles for every occasion like wedding, kindje, family, holiday, etc. are suggested ter this iMovie for PC software to turn your photos &, movies to eye-catching movies.

125+ 2D / 3D transitions &, maneuverability effects are provided to make your slideshow movie animated. You can also choose from 100+ funny cliparts to adorn your movie with much more joy.

You can output movies suitable for YouTube or directly uitvoer movies to play on latest mobile phones and devices. On top of that, you can lightly burn your slideshow to DVD with stunning DVD menukaart.

Three. iMovie alternative Trio: Fantashow

Get a magic movie maker to turn your photos, movie &, music into memorable movies by applying hundreds movie styles.

  • Provides tons of movie templates to make your movie extreme.
  • Add funny transition, music and texts to enrich your movie.
  • Support various format of high definition, including 720p and 1080p.
  • Upload your movie onto YouTube or burn it into DVD copies.

Why choose Fantashow

The intuitive and easy-to-learn interface gives you total movie creation control right upon embarking Fantashow. You just need drag-n-drop to finish your movie making te several clicks.

Lightly make a stunning movie with various built-in styles, including holiday, vacation, innovation, etc. Choose the style you like and add your own photos and music- making a stunning movie has never bot lighter.

Out of common photos and movies, Fantashow enables you to create gorgeous movies to amuse yourself and impress people. You can add texts and intro/credits or record and add voiceover to help tell the story.

This iMovie for Windows lets you love and share your movie ter more ways: uitvoer spil standard or high-quality ter MP4, MOV, AVI and more formats, burn to DVD to preserve or share and upload to Facebook and YouTube.

Update ter 2018: iMovie Alternatives for Windows: VideoPad Movie Editor

Becasue Wondershare Fantashow wasgoed discontinued ter 2018, so wij recommend VideoPad Movie Editor spil one of the iMovie alternative for Windows.VideoPad movie editor is an intuitive and also effortless to use movie editing software. It permits you to haul and druppel movie clips for movie editing, such spil iMovie and Filmora, which is very convenient. You can also apply movie effects and transitions to make a professional style. You can also use the VideoPad to edit 3D movie and 360 degrees movie. After finish movie editing, you can burn your movie to DVD, or upload it to your Facebook and YouTube channel to share with your friends and families. And there are two versions available, the VidePad Master’s Edition and Huis Edition, which cost from $60 – $99. It is a little expensive.

Four. iMovie alternative Four: Windows Movie Maker

The Windows Movie Maker is an easy-to-use movie editing software, yet it has limited movie editing features. You can quickly add photos or movies from your PC or camera and then fine tune your movie. It does feature some elementary effects, transitions, permitting you to add tiles, themes and voiceover. It also permits you to upload your movie to Facebook, YouTube and other social media podium. Ter my opinion, Windows Movie Maker is a very basic and elementary movie editor for the one who has no idea about movie editing before. After all, it is free for Windows users. If you can not find Windows Movie Maker on your PC, you need to download and install it very first. Because Windows Essentials 2012 is not supported on Windows Ten since January Ten, 2018, so it is unavailable to download on Microsoft, maybe you can attempt here. And Windows Movie Maker will not commence if you did not install Windows Media Player on your Windows 7 or Windows 8.

Five. iMovie alternative Five: Lightworks

Lightworks provides a 7-day free trial version and a paid Voor version. The free version is very feature-limited, and the paid version cost from$24.99 vanaf month to $174.99 vanaf year, and the outright version is $437.99. It is said that many filmmakers has used Lightworks to edit many famous movies, such spil The Wolf of Wall Street, Lade Confidential, Pulp Fiction, Fever, Road to Perdition, Hugo, and The King’s Speech. The user interface is plain yet very technical, so you maybe find it is hard to use. Lightworks provides various visual effects, including overheen 100 presets, real-time titling effects spil well spil advanced multicam editing. Wij list it spil the last recommendation because it is pricy for most of us.

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