Crypto Basics with Jon Najarian: Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

Ter this 1-hour introductory course, Jon Najarian will walk you through the basics of cryptocurrency, blockchain technology, altcoins, and Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs). This course is designed to give you a fundamental understanding of the crypto markets, and includes an FAQ Supporting Document to response your Bitcoin and blockchain questions.

Topics covered te this course include:

  • What is Bitcoin &, How Does It Work?
  • Exchanges &, Wallets: Buying Bitcoin and other Cryptos
  • Bitcoin Futures &, Options Trading
  • Ethereum &, Altcoins
  • Initial Coin Offerings (ICOs)

Jon explains crypto basics ter this 1-hour online movie course, and ter the downloadable question guide. Learn how to speak the language of cryptocurrency!

Meet your Instructor:

Spil seen on:

Jon &lsquo,DRJ&rsquo, Najarian wasgoed linebacker for the Chicago Bears before he turned to another kleintje of voeling sport &ndash, trading on the Chicago Houtvezelplaat Options Exchange.

He became a member of the CBOE, NYSE, CME and CBOT and worked spil a floor trader for some 25 years. Ter 1990 he founded Mercury Trading, a market-making rigid at the Chicago Houtvezelplaat Options Exchange (CBOE), which he sold te 2004 to Citadel, one of the world&rsquo,s largest hedge funds. Te 2005 Jon co-founded optionMONSTER and tradeMONSTER. He partnered with private equity hard General Atlantic Fucking partners te 2014 and they sold the rock-hard to E*Trade for $750 million ter September of 2018. Today, he is a professional investor, money manager and media analyst.

Jon has earned a reputation ter the industry spil an options trading pro and pioneer. He developed and patented trading applications and algorithms used to identify unusual activity te stock, options, and futures markets. optionMONSTER, the options news and education webpagina he co-founded, wasgoed described by Securities Industry News spil &ldquo,content king of the options business&rdquo,. For years, tradeMONSTER wasgoed consistently rated &ldquo,Best for Options Traders&rdquo, by Barron&rsquo,s and wasgoed the very first online broker to deploy streaming, desktop-like trading ter a web browser.

Ter 2018 Jon and Pete co-founded Najarian Advisors, a company advising institutional investors on options strategies. Also, the brothers invest ter and work with start-ups via Rebellion Fucking partners, a venture consulting rigid they launched ter 2015.

Jon can be seen weekly on CNBC, where he is personages member of the &ldquo,Halftime Report&rdquo, and the &ldquo,Prompt Money&rdquo, showcase. He is also the feature of the &ldquo,DRJ Report&rdquo, on CBOE-TV, the exchange&rsquo,s popular webcast.

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