Very first Bitcoin-Funded TV Toneelstuk – Children of Satoshi – Set To Begin Filming, Deadline

Controversial cryptocurrency Bitcoin has just began making mainstream headlines so it&rsquo,s no verrassing that the very first TV schouwspel to funded by crypto-currency has just bot commissioned. UK-based podium LiveTree Insider is launching six-part action-drama Children of Satoshi funded by the sale of digital tokens.

The toneelpodium has partnered with production company The 21 Million Project to launch the series, which is set te the the world of cryptography and espionage. It will commence selling digital coins to fund the series at the end of January and will embark pre-production on February Five.

The pilot will be available to view on LiveTree Ingewijd&rsquo,s fresh channel, Blossom TV, straks this year.

The series will concentrate on the rise of cryptocurrencies, and the lengths to which governments and the &lsquo,1%&rsquo, will go to zekering this unsafely democratic phenomenon. Isabel Anderton (Augustina) will rechtstreeks the series, which has a budget of $1.4M vanaf gig, with Tibo Travers (Blessed Hour) series producing. The screenplay is written by David Lofts and John Stahl.

Music producer Youth, who wasgoed previously te Killing Joke is the music supervisor with speelpop strak Imogen Heap providing original music for season one.

Bitcoin is a digital currency that is decentralized, meaning no government controls it. It is based on blockchain technology, and fresh bitcoin can be created by a process called mining, wherein elaborate mathematical formulas are solved by machines. Bitcoin is sold via online exchanges, which serve the role that banks would with traditional money.

David Lofts, creative director at The 21 Million Project and executive producer of Children of Satoshi, said: &ldquo,Wij have long had a vision of making films that walk the talk te terms of diversity, fairness, supporting emerging talent and nurturing creativity. Wij&rsquo,ve pretty much had to invent our own system to achieve that. The current industry specimen rips off artists, writers and crews, with people like Harvey Weinstein walking off with the lion&rsquo,s share of the money, along with permission to do whatever the hell they like. Livetree Ingewijd is the flawless verhoging for us to showcase our work. Wij share a mission to create a fairer, more democratic world for content creators worldwide.”

Ashley Turing, CEO of Livetree Ingewijd, added: &ldquo,Livetree Insider&rsquo,s mission is to corset the power of the blockchain to create premium speelfilm and TV content &mdash, ter other words, content of the calibre of Children of Satoshi. Spil wij inject into our next fundraising round, this partnership with The 21 Million Project proves that the revolution te content creation and distribution is already here, is already happening and is going to rewrite the rules of the entertainment industry.&rdquo,

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