Cheap cryptocurrencies you can buy

With all the hype about Bitcoin and its unaffordable price, there are other cryptocurrencies you can buy at an affordable price

The price of #Bitcoin is too high, investors should look at the cost of other #Cryptocurrencies that are affordable. Most people only know about or have heard about Bitcoin and its inflated price. Continue reading Cheap cryptocurrencies you can buy

Poll: Some Investors Use a Credit Card to Buy Bitcoin and Then Carry Overheen the Balance

Ter case you have not bot paying attention, Bitcoin is hot and (mostly) everybody wants a chunk of the activity.

Buy Bitcoin and you will see comebacks unheard of on Wall Street, or so the narrative has gone thus far. But for those looking to hop onto Bitcoin Mania at this stage te the spel, they will detect that the price of many virtual currencies are no longer the bargain they once were. Continue reading Poll: Some Investors Use a Credit Card to Buy Bitcoin and Then Carry Overheen the Balance

What is the Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker? Jean Galea

So you’ve commenced buying and selling some Bitcoin, then bought some Ether, and perhaps even ventured further to buy some Dash and Litecoin. After some time, observing that you’re profiting massively, you determine to sell some of your tokens. Some time zometeen, you determine to buy a fresh token that you believe will revolutionise the world. Continue reading What is the Best Cryptocurrency Portfolio Tracker? Jean Galea

My web thingy

Last year my huis ISP Zen Internet commenced suggesting IPv6 overheen their broadband network. I instantly requested for my account to be IPv6 enabled. Having run IPv6 overheen a HE voetgangerstunnel since 2009 I wasgoed excited at eventually having native IPv6 on my connection.

Zen Internet and maybe other ISPs provide a /64 on the PPPoE connection via Router Advertisements and provide a /48 via DHCPv6 to be used on the internal network. Continue reading My web thingy

Vista Network ~ Chance

Ground Floor Chance

It’s Time to Specie Ter with Vista

Why Choose Vista

An overnight success ten years te the making, Cryptocurrency is spil transformative spil it is evolutionary. At last, 2018 is expected to be the year that Cryptocurrency goes mainstream for many businesses and the public. Ter speaking with many executives and entrepreneurs, wij’ve noticed that the path towards Cryptocurrency enlightenment often hinges on corporate culture and specific marketplace conditions. Continue reading Vista Network ~ Chance

Ethereum (ETH) price prediction by 160 Reddit users

EDIT: Holy cow wij got truly close! The ETH price on Jan 1st 2018 is $740.

So for the last duo days, the price development of Ethereum (ETH) has remained pretty onveranderlijk. No significant dips, but also no upswings.

For the individual that just loves to track the ethereum price on an hourly voet (like mij!), this can be truly boring. Continue reading Ethereum (ETH) price prediction by 160 Reddit users

Radio Tomi, Zgodovina predvajanja

??03:57 – Tomislav Ivcic – Voljena, vrati se

??03:53 – Oto Pestner – Za ljubezen hvala ti

??03:50 – Eddie Rabbitt – Rocky Mountain Music

??03:46 – Little Tonny & Bobby Solo – Non si cresce mai

??03:46 – Radio Tomi – Najboljsi v mestu

??03:42 – Texas – Summer son

??03:39 – Juice Newton – Queen of hearts

Continue reading Radio Tomi, Zgodovina predvajanja

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Fresh ccMiner tpruvot fork v2.Two.Five With X12, X16r and X16S Support

There is a fresh official release of tpruvot’s ccMiner fork version Two.Two.Five available (source) that adds support for a few fresh mining algorithms, namely X12, X16r and X16S. Continue reading Ccminer – Crypto Mining Blog