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miami, Jan. 26, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —

Dakshidin Corp. (OTC: DKSC) is pleased to announce that it has initiated Phase 1 of implementing cryptocurrency. The company is implementing Phase 1 to switch the company’s direction and overall strategy. The web name www.dashshidin.com has bot secured.

Dakshidin Corp. will keep both its shareholders and public totally informed of the entire process spil the details proceed to develop.

According to Julia Morrongiello 2018 wasgoed a monumental year for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain. The price of bitcoin rose almost 2000% from $1,000 te January to overheen $Nineteen,000 at its peak te December. Ether, Litecoin, Ripple and other leading cryptocurrencies experienced similar spikes and a host of fresh cryptocurrencies burst onto the toneel. $Trio.7bn wasgoed raised via ICOs, calling into question the future of venture capital. And ultimately, CryptoKitties became a blockchain sensation spil sales kasstuk $12m te their very first month.

2018 is set to be another breakthrough year for cryptocurrencies. Here are my top Four predictions:

1. The cryptocurrency market will proceed to grow spil institutional capital gets involved

Last month CBOE and CME announced that they would embark suggesting bitcoin futures bringing cryptocurrencies closer to traditional financial markets and adding legitimacy to a previously legendary asset class. Goldman Sachs wasgoed among one of the very first institutions to announce that it would clear futures for its clients on a case by case poot and is set to launch a cryptocurrency trading desk by mid-2018. Other institutions will undoubtedly go after suit spil clients request access to cryptocurrencies and spil the infrastructure required to trade them at an institutional level is built out. This includes exchanges suggesting much-needed compliance and security implements spil well spil adequate insurance products.

Te 2018, wij will see the launch of numerous crypto funds. To date, there are overheen 100 (84 of which were launched ter 2018) with an estimated $2bn te assets under management. The proliferation of thesis funds will be coupled with the development of fresh crypto asset investment vehicles (futures, ETFs and mutual funds), which will broaden exposure to even the most conservative investors. For example, one could envisage the development of a S&,P 500 bitcoin-hedged ETF or network value weighted cryptocurrency ETFs including potentially a basket of the top Five,Ten or 20 crypto assets.

Two. ICOs will professionalize spil experienced investors budge into the market

Last year wasgoed a bull year for ICOs. Unprecedented amounts of capital were raised with some projects such spil Filecoin and Tezos raising overheen $200m te a single round of funding. Of the 230 ICOs ter 2018, many took place off the back of nothing more than an idea (usually formulated te a white paper), a team of developers, and little to no due diligence.

This year experienced investors will get involved with this fresh means of funding. They will request further business validation and transparency, bringing the ICO process closer ter line with traditional venture fundraising and making it increasingly difficult to raise off the back of a white paper. This trend will be supported by the development of ICO platforms such spil CoinList, which carries out due diligence prior to accepting companies onto its toneel, or Balanc3, which provides crypto companies with accounting and reporting contraptions.

About Dakshidin Corp.

Dakshidin Corporation is focusing primarily on acquiring companies ter the renewable and sustainable energy markets.

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