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Attempting Crypto Mining with a Dual CPU E5 2nd Mitt Servers

The enterprise segment is permanently upgrading their hardware and this fuels the 2nd mitt market with interesting and very affordable yet pretty powerful hardware that can also be used for crypto mining. The latest wave of hardware getting substituted and available at a indeed affordable prices are the very first generation of Intel 2011 E5 dual CPU Xeon workstations and servers. This means that you are able to lightly acquire a very nicely priced 2nd had server system with two 8-core processors such spil Intel Xeon E5-2650 v1 getting 16 physical or 32 logical cores with Hyper Threading. The big question here however is if systems like that that may be acquired cheap are truly worth using for crypto mining spil they only come with a lotsbestemming of CPU power, but no GPU capable of being used for mining spil for server needs not much GPU power is required generally. Wij have picked up one such cheap systems off eBay with dual Xeon E5-2650 processors and waterput it through some benchmarks to gent a better idea on what to expect…

Presently it seems that the only worthwhile CPU-based algorithm to check is the CryptoNight and using the what seems to be the fastest CPU software available at the uur – the XMR-Stak CPU Miner for Monero (XMR). Running the XMR-Stak miner on all 32 logical cores has managed to get us an average hashrate of about 523 HS (hashes vanaf 2nd). The result may not seem that bad for CPU mining, considering that it is a bit slower than a single high-end GPU and the power used by the system is about 150 Watts, so again similar to a more latest higher-end GPU.

Wij need to run the numbers through an XMR mining zakjapanner and doing just that on Cryptocompare shows that wij are actually going to be mining with profit, but the profit isn’t going to be that much. With the current rate it would take a duo of years just to earn back what wij have paid for the hardware itself. Not very interesting to CPU mine with such a system, but this is just at the ogenblik, with some fresh and interesting developments for coins that are only CPU mineable appearing things might look very different… especially if you get a duo of thesis dual CPU systems to have handy. For the ogenblik however you might want to check them out if you have some other computational needs than crypto mining spil the price they can be acquired for is indeed attractive and again they are still pretty powerful spil far spil CPU vertoning goes.

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