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Last year my huis ISP Zen Internet commenced suggesting IPv6 overheen their broadband network. I instantly requested for my account to be IPv6 enabled. Having run IPv6 overheen a HE voetgangerstunnel since 2009 I wasgoed excited at eventually having native IPv6 on my connection.

Zen Internet and maybe other ISPs provide a /64 on the PPPoE connection via Router Advertisements and provide a /48 via DHCPv6 to be used on the internal network.

The SRX doesn’t support RAs and DHCPv6 on the same interface, this means that the PPPoE interface will only have a verbinding local address and not a global IPv6 address, while this will cause problems for traffic sourced from the SRX itself overheen IPv6 it doesn’t zekering the SRX routing traffic from the /48. A loopback interface with an address from the /48 can be used for source address for IPv6 VPNs, etc

Firstly wij will enable IPv6 forwarding.

Then wij enable DHCPv6 on the PPPoE interface

Set up a static route pointing out towards the ISP and a static route for the /48 to discard traffic for unused subnets with ter the /48. This stops routing loops inbetween the ISP and the SRX, If you have used the entire /48 or forwarding it on to another device then the discard route isn’t needed.

Eventually wij need to permit DHCPv6 on the PPPoE interface.

Once the configuration has bot applied the SRX should send a DHCPv6 request and get an IPv6 range from the DHCPv6 server.

>, display dhcpv6 client strapping detail

Client Interface: pp0.0

Hardware Address: Ten:0e:7e:fd:89:e0

Lease Expires: 2018-05-09 Nineteen:48:31 UTC

Lease Expires te: 78765 seconds

Lease Begin: 2018-05-08 Nineteen:48:31 UTC

Truss Type: IA_PD

Client DUID: LL0x29-10:0e:7e:fd:89:e0

Rapid Commit: Off

Server Ip Address: fe80::230:88ff:fe16:5eff

Update Server Yes

Client IP Prefix: xxxx:xxxx:xxxx::/48

Name: server-identifier, Value: LL_TIME0x1-0x1cd3af3d-00:30:88:16:5e:ff

Name: dns-recursive-server, Value: xxxx:xxxx::x

I did come across one kwestie. When the PPPoE session dropped the DHCPv6 client would get stuck te an init state and I would have to by hand request a client renew for IPv6 to embark working again.

Speaking with JTAC and they advised that DHCPv6 client wasn’t supported overheen the PPPoE interface and PR request would need to made to add the feature. My support provider advised that the SRX110H2-VA will be end of life soon and mostly wouldn’t get resolved.

While it may not get resolved there is a work around which means that IPv6 connectivity is restored when the PPPoE session reconnects.

Using the event options wij can run the renew instruction when the pp0.0 interface comes up.

Switch the user name from admin to match a local user and then commit.

You can test to make sure it working by clearing the PPPoE session with “clear pppoe sessions pp0.0” and then check the DHCPv6 client bindings.

This setup may work on other models of the SRX and with other ISPs who use the Broadband Forum Standard TR187

If you use Minepeon for your Raspberry Pi based Bitcoin mining equipment then you might be a risk of someone switching your pool settings and sealing your mining power!

The Minepeon web interface uses the API to get the stats from the mining software. It seems the default setting on Minepeon is to have the miners API accessible to all IPs and without a password!

This means if your mining equipment is on a public IP or someone gets on to your network then they could connect to that IP and point your equipment at another mining pool/user so that they get the hashes you have generated.

Below is how to switch the configuration so that the API is only listening on the local host and therefore securing it from anything accessing it which isn’t running on the Raspberry Pi.

1) SSH on to the Raspberry Pi.

Two) Waterput ter the following instruction to edit the miner config files.

Three) Edit the following line from

Four) Press CRTL + X This will then ask you if you want to save the switches, Press y

Five) After saving the switches the next opstopping will open, make the same switches you did ter step Three. This will be done Trio times to switch all the files.

6) Login to the Minepeon web interface and restart the miner.

To check to make sure the switches are working you can attempt to connect to the API at the following URL, switch <,ip>, to be the IP of your Pi.

You should get an error message, Something like Connection reset or no gegevens received depending on your browser.

If you get a pagina which looks like the following then API access is still open and you should check the switches have bot saved, if they have save then attempt restarting the Pi.

STATUS=E,When=1390150582,Code=14,Msg=Invalid directive,Description=bfgminer Three.Four.0

A fix has bot shoved to the Minepeon Git repo, so this should be motionless te the next version. I believe Minepeon version 0.Two.Four and lower are vulnerable to this kwestie.

A lotsbestemming has bot said about the end of the world and that it will be happening tomorrow (21/12/2012), lots of people have bot disproving it even NASA has bot involved and they even have a part of the webpagina dedicated to this – Beyond 2012 and had a Google+ Hangout about it which is available on YouTube for people to see.

So it seems that nothing is going to klapper earth, wij aren’t going to be sucked ter a black fuckhole, the polar poles aren’t going to interchange any time soon, etc, etc. Which means nothing to worry about.

Then I came across this on the “What’s Hot” section of Google+ which talks about us start te a Matrix style simulation, Which I think would be pretty cool but I don’t think wij likely to everzwijn find out unless wij get the opoffering of a “red pill” and see how deep the rabbit crevice goes.

It would be joy if it wasgoed true and the end of the world on 21/12/2012 wasgoed linked te that the world ending wasgoed actually the end of the simulation and wij just get “turned off”, I guess wij will find out te the morning, Te the mean time lets count to the possible end of the world.

Recently I have had a bit of spare time so thought I would add a duo of projects I found interesting to my web webpagina.

This device permits you to get some stats on people visiting websites which have a puny picture included te the pagina. The pic is used to collect the stats.

You can view the stats I have collected on my own sites at http://ipv6stats.noroutetohost.netwerk/

Feel free to add the collector picture to the your own webpagina to help build up the stats, this will work even if your webpagina is only running on IPv4. Use the following code on your webpagina.

The stats device wasgoed created by Eric Vyncke, you can see the stats that Eric has collected at his webstek. Eric also has some interesting IPv6 deployment stats

This contraption runs various DNS checks and lets you know of any errors, checks include IPv6 checking and DNSSEC. You can also come in ter name servers to run the check against, which is useful if you are switching DNS servers and want to make sure that things are setup correctly before you switch servers.

DNS check wasgoed created by the guys at and the source code can be downloaded from

At some point I will get around to updating the themes on the above contraptions so that they blend ter a bit more with the surplus of the webpagina.

MoDaCo are attempting to rise ?Ten,000 for Cancer Research, to help with the donations people have donated items for people to win. Everyone that donates to Cancer Research has a chance to win something.

The following details are from the MoDaCo postbode.

10K for ?10K for Childhood Leukaemia

Help us raise ?Ten,000 for Cancer Research and be ter with the chance to win something cool for yourself!

If every follower donates just ?1 on the Cancer Research webpagina, wij’ll kasstuk the ?10k target!

What is the ’10K for ?10K for Childhood Leukaemia’ campaign?

Since the very early days of MoDaCo back te 2002, wij have bot involved with raising money for Cancer Research. When wij’ve held our face-to-face events overheen the years proceeds have always bot donated to CR and other fundraising efforts since have always contributed to this utterly worthy cause. Just recently I noticed that my follower count on Twitter wasgoed heading towards Ten,000 and this got mij thinking about whether I could use this following to do some good. This te turn led mij to wonder if wij could raise ?Ten,000 for the MoDaCo Cancer Research ‘My Project’ ter aid of Childhood Leukaemia, which equates to a donation of ?1 vanaf Twitter follower.

Of course, the best prize of donating to such a worthy cause is the skill that your are contributing to helping the most vulnerable of Cancer sufferers, but there’s no reason there can’t be an reserve carrot of a zweem or two up for grabs is there…, hence wij have a prize pool, the recipients of which will be chosen at random the end of the donation effort from those who have donated.

What are the prizes?

I have commenced the ball rolling by donating some of my individual tech to the prize pool and I have also invited some friends of MoDaCo to offerande prizes too. I hope that the list below will grow spil the effort gets publicised.

Donated by @paulobrien: The winner’s choice of either my individual Dell Streak or my private Apple iPad

Donated by Clove Technology: 1 x Samsung WEP210 Bluetooth Headset, Two x Samsung GT-E11080 Mobile Phones, Two x ?Ten Voucher off ANY Clove order

Donated by DSL Developments: 1 x Brodit passive holder and the corresponding ProClip / Windscreen climb on

Donated by HTC: 1 x HTC HD Mini

Donated by HTCCode: Five x SIM unlocks

Donated by 1 x Blackberry 8520

Donated by MoDaCo member Mysterious Stranger: 1 x HTC Brainy

Donated by ALK: Five x CoPilot Live 8 (Pan Europe Maps Edition) for Android / Windows Mobile

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