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Bitnation: A Virtual ‘Nation’ on the Blockchain

Bitnation is one of the oldest projects and ideas ter the crypto space, and came out of a natural extension of the philosophy behind the early Bitcoin community. What would a world look like where citizenship itself is voluntary and association is by choice, not by force? Could the ideas behind Bitcoin help release such a world? If so, how would it look? Thesis are some of the many questions that were answered by the Bitnation team overheen the last few years. Today, wij take a deeper look into the project, spil the team determines to do a token sale.

Blockchain and Sovereignty

Since the very days of blockchain, when Bitcoin wasgoed the only spel ter town, it attracted a loterijlot of forward thinking movements that imagined the world for the better with the help of this technology. After the launch of Ethereum, a lotsbestemming of thesis ideas actually began to take form. Bitcoin has a limited wise contract functionality whereas Ethereum lets you write arbitrary sophisticated wise contracts on the blockchain. This enabled Bitnation to further develop from an idea to a product.

The vision of blockchain and sovereign identity is related because blockchains give you the power to associate with groups that you wish, and not with others. Trust is intermediated by the blockchain even among distrusting parties. It lets all people involved to come to a overeenstemming based on the ledger state.

The Bitnation Idea

Bitnation’s main idea is that people can manage their own identities and choose to associate with other people of their choosing outside the nation state. Bad actors are weeded out through the human trust network spil opposed to government or law enforcement. The identity itself is usually part of a larger group of people who attest to your identity, usually through in-person meetings.

The big idea behind Bitnation is that of a ‘voluntary nation’. The only thing you need to do, pretty much, is accept the Bitnation constitution. Again, recall there is no coercion ter joining this, and te what capacity. If you disagree with the Bitnation constitution, you should not join the network. It is spil plain spil that truly.

All the usual bookkeeping that is done by centralized governments are now done on the blockchain ter the Bitnation system. For example, marriage certificates are waterput on the blockchain for everyone to see. The deed to your house is the same. More powerfully, Bitnation is floating the idea of a ‘blockchain passport’ which is not an “officially” recognized passport, but is instead a passport to your Bitnation community. Obviously, this blockchain passport is also issued on the blockchain.

An Alternative System

The objective of the Bitnation verhoging, spil you can see, is to create an alternative system to the existing top-down hierarchical government structures and bureaucracies. The services that the State provides and wij are so used to are now facilitated on the blockchain through a common overeenstemming of all the voluntary ‘citizens’.

You could classify Bitnation’s approaches spil a ‘social libertarian’ category, or at least find some overlap. However, it is hard to categorize such a novel treatment anyway. The idea is to empower individuals to come together and build voluntary institutions usually powered by technology. Te this case, the technology is blockchains.

Bitnation wants to give individuals the freedom to choose their economic and governance systems spil opposed to those being selected for them based on their region or birth. If you want to live te a commune or if you want to implement basic ondergrens income, you can. If you want to go hyper-competitive capitalist, you can. The point is to give this choice to the individuals.

Instead of the legal system adjudicating disputes, it is a reputation system that acts spil an incentive for people to resolve their disputes. This reduces the cargo on courts and legal systems and encourages people to work out solutions by themselves. This is just one of the ways the Bitnation system differs from traditional nation-state style of living.

The vision of Bitnation is fairly grand. Wij shall wait and see how much of that vision the project can realize. Bitnation is having a token sale that you can participate te. This is for the Patstelling tokens. Check out the webstek and whitepaper before you invest anything. Recall that any token sale investing is very risky and you can lose all your money. Invest only what you can afford to lose.

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