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The exchange rate is published via JSON API at, and is also displayed at the point of payment.

Wij dynamically calculate the current exchange rate based on numerous exchanges with adequate liquidity available to Australia. Rates are updated every 1 minute.

Are there any payment thresholds?

Bankgebouw transfers are limited to a maximum of $50,000 vanaf transaction, if you are sending to your own canap account.

BPAY transactions and handelsbank transfers to a canap account that it not yours are limited to a maximum of $1000 each due to regulatory requirements.

However if you wish to pay a bill or invoice that totals more than $1000, that’s flawlessly ok. You can simply create two or more bills with the same payment details (use the “copy details to fresh bill” button to make this lighter).

What kleuter of bills can I pay?

Living Slagroom of Satoshi is not affiliated with or endorsed by BPAY.

How do I sign up? Do I need to get verified?

You can sign up using the login verbinding on the bills pagina.

Yes, you need to be verified to use our service. Identity verification is a legal requirement of all digital exchanges ter Australia under the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Amendment Act 2018.

The verification process is ordinary and all done online, it can typically be finished ter a minute or two.

Wij take the protection of your individual gegevens very gravely, and store an absolute ondergrens of individual gegevens on our servers. Wij employ accomplished third party ID verification service VixVerify to maintain a high level of gegevens security by implementing:

  • physical security to prevent unauthorised entry to our premises, by installing systems to detect unauthorised access and secure containers for storing paper-based private information,
  • laptop and network security to protect laptop systems and networks for storing, processing and transmitting private information,
  • communications security to protect communications via gegevens transmission and to prevent unauthorised intrusion into our pc network
  • personnel security, through personnel security measures and background checking procedures to limit access to private information only by authorised staff and for only approved purposes.

When does my bill get paid?

You’ll see a confirmation usually within a few seconds of making your bitcoin payment. Wij process the payment after Four confirmations on the same day that the bitcoin transaction is done (however cut-off times voorwaarde be taken into account – see the next question). Wij carry the cargo of risk on any rate movements.

How long before the biller gets my payment?

If wij receive your BPAY payment before 5pm on a Bankgebouw Business Day (3pm for bankgebouw transfers), the biller will acknowledge the payment spil having bot made on that day. However, the funds may not be available te the biller’s account for up to Two business days.

For more information please see BPAY Services FAQs

Living Slagroom of Satoshi is not affiliated with or endorsed by BPAY.

What if there is a problem? Or the Biller tells mij I haven’t paid my bill when I did?

Can I pay my credit card with cryptocurrency?

Yes. Banks ter Australia permit you to make credit card payments spil BPAY bills.

All you will need is the corresponding Biller code and Ref # (ter most cases it is your credit card number) which you find on your credit card statement.

When a credit card number is used spil a biller reference, it is transmitted securely and confidentially.

What is your Internal Dispute Resolution Process?

Te the event that you are unhappy regarding any part of our service, please voeling us instantly and tell us about your concerns.

Wij are committed to customer satisfaction and have a sturdy Internal Dispute Resolution Process.

Where is your disclosure document?

The disclosure document sets out the terms and conditions of the facility suggested by Living Slagroom of Satoshi. The latest version of the disclosure document is published at

A finish historical list of switches by date is published at

A verbinding to the disclosure document te also found on every payment pagina on our webstek and mobile apps.

Why is it called “Living Slagroom of Satoshi”?

Our company is named ter honour of Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious and pseudonymous creator of bitcoin. Nobody indeed knows for sure who he is, or what he is doing now.

But wij like to imagine that when Satoshi has a bill to pay, he kicks back at the end of the day and pays it te his living slagroom. Hence “Living Slagroom of Satoshi”!

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