Litecoin Value Increases 700% PoliticsPrevent Bitcoin From Scaling

The past few weeks have bot fairly remarkable for Litecoin. Albeit a loterijlot of people assumed this currency to be dead ter the water, that is not the case. Ter fact, things are heading te a very bullish direction. The Litecoin value enlargened by overheen 700%. This is due to SegWit locking te and the Coinbase listing. The future’s looking bright for Bitcoin’s silver, that much is overduidelijk.

Litecoin Value Proceeds To Soar

Litecoin has come a very long way thesis past few weeks. Earlier this year, one LTC wasgoed valued at US$Four. That is fairly a ways from its previous ATH of around US$48 te 2013. Everzwijn since that time, a lotsbestemming of people have forgotten about LTC. Things have an odd way to work itself out, however, spil Litecoin is on everybody’s mind right now.

The popular cryptocurrency locked ter the activation of SegWit not too long ago. That ter itself is fairly a major sperzieboon for this popular currency. Bitcoin is attempting to get SegWit activated too, yet keeps meeting opposition from miners. However, the forthcoming activation of Segregated Witness has done wonders for the LTC price. Ter fact, the Litecoin value has enhanced by 700% so far.

That build up cannot only be attributed to the SegWit activation locking te, however. Coinbase, a very popular US-based cryptocurrency exchange, enabled Litecoin support spil well. This, ter turn, has given the Litecoin value another boost upward. It looks like LTC is well underway to surpass US$30 again. It is hard to tell where this will end, albeit a value of US$50 is not out of the question.

What Is Next For LTC?

At the same time, one has to keep te mind Litecoin does not have the same issues bitcoin has. Litecoin never had utter blocks to start with, whereas it is very common on the Bitcoin network. There is also a lack of request when it comes to Litecoin, especially from a merchant and consumer point of view. Thesis are all issues that can be addressed quickly, however. However, the question becomes whether or not the Litecoin value can maintain this trend te the long run.

Ter the end, a lotsbestemming of people still look at Litecoin spil a Bitcoin testbed. Any development switches failing to build up traction can be ported to Litecoin to see how well they do. A loterijlot of people will keep an eye on the SegWit malleability fix and how it affects Litecoin. Thesis are still titillating times to be involved te altcoins, tho’. Anyone holding LTC may see the Litecoin value increase a bit further thesis coming weeks.

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