Private harm to Company-owned Laptop – Policies – Procedures

by shutterbugguy on Feb 23, 2015 at Trio:43 UTC

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I am the schoolgebouw IT Director. A teacher left the school-owned pc on the bus, and the police have not bot able to recover it. Another teacher wasgoed grading papers while eating dinner, and his child spilled milk across the table that flooded the MacBook.

Anyone willing to share a policy statement regarding harm/loss to company-owned laptops?

Wij do have insurance to voorkant accidental loss, but this doesn’t voorkant negligence.

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Rune3280 Feb 23, 2015 at 6:24 UTC

Depends a bit on how much money they make for the business. A service stud raking te 30000 on an assignment and lose a laptop at sea? Well ok.

If the financial secretary loses hier iPhone (because a fresh monster has bot released) she got a fresh one. Then she lost that one too, the very first week she had it. She had to buy a fresh one herself.

But there wasgoed no policy.

If you lose things to stupidity then tou voorkant it yourself. Accidents can toebijten (but spilling milk on it while eating dinner is not an accident. It could be anticipated and is therefore stupidity).

Looking forward to getting other’s take on this spil well.

This has bot discussed before, but bears repeating.

RAPt Feb 23, 2015 at 9:31 UTC

Always a tricky problem. Te some cases I’d take it out of the user’s pay check if I could! I’ve had high ranking execs write off several MacBook Airs, wise phones, etc. through wine spillage, negligent theft and even being dropped ter the ocean. Our policy is that this is mostly covered by our insurance and I will authorise a re-order of the equipment, but all related expenses (especially if insurance won’t pay out!) are billed to the user’s department, not to my IT budget.

Wij also take steps to attempt and mitigate losses like thesis. Staff sign for all equipment and accept that it vereiste be returned te a fair condition. Wij also supply Kensington locks for all laptops, padded laptop bags, “peel proof” asset tags, have remote wipe and encryption on devices, etc. Each time wij arm out equipment wij make sure to remind staff how expensive it is and how best to care for it.

Rich (EXO5) Feb 23, 2015 at 9:46 UTC

Brand Representative for EXO5

Back when I worked ter IT, our policy for lost/ruined laptops wasgoed that it would get substituted by a used laptop of about the same service age. Inbetween employee resignations and scheduled upgrades, wij always had some used laptops around. Getting someone else’s used laptop kinda deep throats, so it seemed to instruct people to be more careful with their equipment, wij never indeed had any repeat offenders. Get management to back you up ahead of time so people don’t attempt to do an end-run around you, te most cases management doesn’t want to shell out money for fresh replacements any more than you do!

ICH Feb 23, 2015 at Ten:59 UTC

I am with Rich. users are not rewarded for loosing/hurting laptops by getting a fresh replacement. I have just issued fresh laptops to a number of staff, and have their old ones which I will rebuild and hold for issuing if anyone liberates/damages the fresh one.

I am hoping that the idea of getting back a Trio year old laptop spil a replacement for a fresh one will be good reason to look after the fresh ones.

V_S Feb 23, 2015 at 11:16 UTC

Does your insurance company have an option for higher protection that includes some of thesis scripts? If so, would the cost to benefit ratio be te your favor historically for bruised computers not covered by your existing insurance coverage?

tmccall Feb 23, 2015 at 11:51 UTC

I would imagine the teacher union would fight any sort of mandatory reimbursement for the cost of the laptop. I would also assume that it is some sort of policy for the teachers to have a laptop, like my wifey’s schoolgebouw. I would either find the a laptop of the same vintage, or older, to substitute their laptop, or if one isn’t available I would get the cheapest most stripped down underpowered bulky fresh laptop I could find. It sounds petty, but there is no way I would prize them with a fresh laptop for being negligent with schoolgebouw property. It would set a bad voorzitter that if they want a fresh laptop, just ruin the one they already have and call it a mistake.

TheRyanGoodman Feb 23, 2015 at 12:17 UTC

Spil an IT department wij just confirm with HR the policy. Our HR here have a policy that if it’s lost or bruised on the employee’s see then it will come out of their own wage if they’re found te breach.

Same spil if they keep the device after being let go/leave. It will be taken out of any remaining wages. Wij now have the employee sign a mini contract accepting thesis policies.

Snufykat Feb 23, 2015 at 1:45 UTC

Wij fall back on the persons supervisor\manager to apply whatever pressure they deem suitable. If it is neglect or user error ter my opinion the user is responsible to maintain the hardware te the condition it wasgoed given to them ter. Nothing wij have te writing, treated on a case by case onderstel.

Bryce Katz Feb 23, 2015 at Two:35 UTC

Generally speaking, it’s against labor laws to require the employee pay for the repair or replacement. Spilling milk on a laptop is functionally no different than spilling milk on a desktop keyboard. It’s simply a difference of scale te the repair cost.

This means you need to make sure your insurance will voorkant accidental harm and make sure your employee disciplinary policy includes a paragraph regarding harm to company equipment. If employees cannot be trusted to decently care for company equipment, one might argue they cannot be trusted to decently do their jobs.

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