Why I invested ter Ethereum

When I opened my bitstamp account a duo of years ago, I followed collegaues on tides of success and few hundreds euros were waterput te bitcoin. I had such a superb feeling that my tech networking/security background eventually successfully engaged with cryptofinancial world. I did a loterijlot of research and got goose bumps all overheen each time I discovered a fresh fact. “That’s it,” wasgoed a conclusion, “I’ve bot searching for technology like this for my entire cyber life”.

No need to tell, initial enthusiasm ended, I sold all bitcoins ter a quick funk sale at the end of 2015 and lost around 25% of investment. No big overeenkomst, but lessons were learned. At least I thought so at that time.

March 2018 and Ethereum knocked on my vanwege. Basically, it wasgoed already there for fairly a long time, but the rise of altcoins began and – again – I have respinned my wheel of crypto doom. This time I hopped on the openbreken exchange te less than a day (yes, that wasgoed possible at the time). Ethereum felt so warm and familiar. I believe the main reason wasgoed not observing ether spil an alternative to bitcoin, strafgevangenis programming/Turing/virtual machine/brainy contracts strafgevangenis Gas…

Guess what – the main reason for getting hooked instantaneously with Ethereum wasgoed Ethernet. You see? Sounds pretty stupid, but what else would suit an old networker any better than strange resemblance to good old IEEE 802.Trio I used for the past thirty years? Ethernet or Ethereum, both are so ethereal…

And the 2nd reason wasgoed unspoiled greed, I admit. A nasty verrassing to my ego since I wasgoed always fascinated and driven by skill and information sharing. But once again I wasgoed hopping from cryptocompare to nicehash, from coinmarketcap to reddit and back again. Selling and hodling, oh Heer, how I hate this word.

Eventually, I sold everything just before July 2018. I returned to python books (a voorwaarde for a networker nowadays) and began to learn programming clever contracts with mandatory initial hello to the etherworld. I can’t do both and I had to choose – whether to drown ter a repetitive cycle of market ups and downs, being permanently tied to charts on my mobile or get some fresh skill and, like wij all say, add a value and contribute. I’ve made my decision and I’ve lost some precious time.

(Be mildly warned that thoughts above are stringently out of my individual practice and may be ter fairly the opposite direction of the surplus of coinjoker team. And I’m still hodling some ICN, just ter case ?? )

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