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What laptop do you get nowadays for less than $200? Well, remarkably, the best laptops under $200 are of pretty gepast quality.

If you want a powerful quality laptop, I wouldn’t suggest you buy thesis spil your main rekentuig since they are pretty limited and at that price you’ll definitively have to compromise on something.

For basic computing, you can find a good cheap laptop under $200

But for basic computing needs like surfing the web, reading your emails and watching online movies, you can actually get a pretty good overeenkomst!

Our Top Trio Picks

Do I choose Chromebook or a Windows notebook?

The best laptops under 200 dollars used to be all Chromebooks. Windows laptops didn’t manage to get the same spectacle and quality. That has switched recently. Nowadays you can find welgevoeglijk Windows laptops te that price range.

But still, I suggest you go with a ChromeBook if you only need a laptop to surf the web, read emails and use Google Docs. You’ll get more value out of your $200 notebook.

Not that you can’t find gepast Windows laptops under 200 dollars, but since the manufacturers have to pay for Windows, they have to cut somewhere else te the notebook. Plus Windows requires more power than Chrome OS, so you need Four GB of memory to run the laptop cozily. With a Chromebook, Two GB is enough.

If you go for a Windows laptop under $200, choose one with Four GB of RAM. Less than that it’s going to be very sluggish.

If you need Windows, stick to this list and you’ll find a good cheap laptop that’ll give you enough show and be of good quality. Otherwise you might end up with a laptop that is ridiculously slow! If you want a little more show, you might also want to look at the $300 laptops.

Expect little storage space

Even the best laptops under $200 have limited storage space. Ter that price range, you will find laptops with 16, 32 or maximum 64 GB storage space. There’s going to be very little space left after you installed a few programs, especially if you go with a Windows laptop (Windows needs more space than ChromeOS).

They are made to be used with online storage space. Gratefully nowadays you’ll lightly find lots of free storage space with Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive or Dropbox.

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