Binance Assures All Funds Are Safe Amid Fright Due To Rumors of a Hack

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One of the thickest criticisms that cryptocurrency markets tend to face is that of the fact that much of what happens to the cryptocurrency prices can be affected by the most random of things. Rumours and speculations have a big part to play te the markets. The latest example of a rumour affecting the markets is that of Binance being hacked.

Rumours of a Binance hack have bot floating around the markets since yesterday, causing a major fright and roem te the markets. This led to a number of people withdrawing funds from the exchange or simply selling it off. Bitcoin price crashed by about 10% overheen the past 24 hours due to thesis speculations.

Thesis rumors of a Binance hack commenced off when a number of users noted that their accounts had unauthorized buy/sell orders. Thesis orders were automatically being placed for Viacoin – a lesser known altcoin which leaped up by 400%. Users were reporting that very first all their altcoin holdings were sold off and that wasgoed followed by their Bitcoin holdings. A look at the Binance exchange gegevens shows that a

325,000 VIA buy order placed shortly before Trio pm UTC.

Most of the affected users stated that they had checked their login history for any unauthorized access but found no such intrusions. Moreover, most of thesis users also had the Two Factor Authentication system ter place which acts spil an extra security measure. Following thesis strange transactions taking place, Binance announced that they are freezing all withdrawals.

A further investigation from Binance exposed that all of the victims the exchange has identified had registered API keys, which are commonly used te trading bots. Binance claimed that there wasgoed no evidence that the exchange had bot compromised. Changpeng Zhao, the CEO of Binance stated that all funds are safe. Zhao, te a Tweet, stated: All funds are safe. There were irregularities te trading activity, automatic alarms triggered. Some accounts may have bot compromised by phishing from before. Wij are still investigating. All funds are safe.

Overheen the past 24 hours, spil the rumors of Binance hack became mainstream, it resulted ter a widespread fright – which wasgoed one of the largest reasons for Bitcoin prices crashing by 10%, falling below $Ten,000 for the very first time ter Ten days.

Ter another update following this incident, the CEO of Binance has now stated that the exchange has reversed all transactions. Zhao said te a Tweet: Binance has reversed all irregular trades. All deposit, trading and withdrawal are resumed. will write a more detailed account of what happened shortly. Interestingly, the hackers lost coins during this attempt. Wij will donate this to Binance Charity.

This isn&rsquo,t the very first time that Binance hack rumors have caused cryptocurrency prices to tumble. Earlier this year, Binance went down for overheen 12 hours spil they faced a DDoS attack and were under maintenance, recovering their backups. Rumors about Binance being hacked were rampant at that time too. However, similar to the latest incident, that one too wasgoed just a rumour!

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