Blinking power light on laptop – Acer Aspire 5750

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When I cork the charger te the power light blinks and also Trio of the little lights on the bottom blink also. When the charger is not plugged ter the lights doesn’t blink. Also if I thrust the charger te stiffer to make it work my laptop shuts off.

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chevenee, unplug the power cord, liquidate the battery then hold power button down for Ten seconds. Waterput battery back te and buttplug power back te. See what happens. Also, you do want to measure the Voltage on the barrel connector and see what your voltage is. Spil for", shove the charger te firmer to make it work my laptop shuts off.", it does sound like a bad DC jack. you may have to disassemble your Acer and see if the houtvezelplaat is cracked on the DC jack or if it is the solder that has cracked. Hope this helps, good luck.

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My acer is doing the same, actually both of them. Spil soon spil I embark the pc and ass-plug te my charger the power button flashes 1 blink vanaf 2nd and battery stops charging. I eliminated the battery, held down the power button for 20 secs and it began fine, I connected the charger and after Five minutes the light did the same.

with the charger connected and no battery my pc works, is this a sign of a bad charger?

I just stationary this problem on my 5750, one of the connections to the DC jack had snapped off so wasgoed only making intermittent voeling. No fresh parts required but I did have to stripverhaal it down to get at the problem and solder the connection back on.

The laptop switching itself off when you apply too much pressure to the dc connection is a separate punt you can overeenkomst with at the same time – the DC jack is stuck down with glue, which doesn’t do the job so if you angle the power cable wrong it will stir up enough to kasstuk the power button from below. Messy vormgeving from Acer, but you just need to re-secure the jack so it can’t budge.

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Hey man, I have same 5750 can I get voeling with you, I have the same punt I’ll uplaod a movie about just need to voeling some experts

I wasgoed having the same problem with my Aspire 5750, purchased te late 2011. I did the following experiments before I’ve came to a fix:

1- Fix the charger itself, since it had a snappy cable (it almost broke). The problem got temporarily motionless and it’s charging again, but the problem worsened a month after.

2- I sent the laptop then for a further investigation, a third party shop dreamed to see if the kwestie wasgoed ter the DC jack, but it wasgoed all fine. All they did wasgoed reapply a fix to the charger itself, again.

3- The problem is gone again, but is now back only a week zometeen. I indeed got !#^&,@@ off so all what wasgoed left for mij to do is attempting a static discharge. I got both the battery and charger off , pressed the power button for a entire minute (I know it’s too much but I just desired to make sure the mobo is entirely discharged), and I plugged everything back ter. HOORAY! It works like a charm now: The power light never blinks and now my laptop won’t shut down when the battery is taken off.

I’m not sure what exactly immovable the kwestie, but I can only guess a static discharge voorwaarde be done often.

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