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The only plausible good reason for mining the moon would be to get materials for large-scale construction ter space, because lifting them off the moon is far lighter than from Earth.

Valuable minerals are uncommon compared to regular rock on earth.

If it is the same on the moon, the amount of mass taken away by mining will be insignificant beside moon’s total mass.

Moreover, when you consider the mass added by mining (miners will need infrastructure to work decently and generate waste during their stay), the mass ratio after mining/before is even lower.

There is the strong theory that the Earth and the Moon were part of the same core at one point. This would lead one to believe that there are precious minerals under the surface of the Moon.

Actually, the theory isn’t fairly like that. The leading theory for the formation of the Moon is of two proto-planets colliding to form the Earth and Moon system. The collision left the main planet (Earth) in-tact, but a large volume of debris te orbit. After the collision, the strong material that wasgoed ejected sank back down to the primary bod (Earth), while the lighter debris material stayed te orbit and went on to coalesce and form the Moon.

The result is that the Moon has a much lower density than Earth, and a much lower concentration of powerful elements. Te addition, the lack of vulcanism on the Moon means that those intense elements that did end up forming it are mainly deep te the core, making them inaccessible to mining.

Metals are normally stronger than dust and wij don’t want to send the moon out of orbit, so when wij mine the moon wij intend to waterput back spil much mass spil wij take.

Gravely, the Moon isn’t going to worry about a bit of mining — it may be smaller than the Earth, but it’s still a very very large bod.

The Moon’s mass is 73 quintillion metric tonnes (ref). You could take a 100 billion tonnes off it, and you’d hardly cause a rounding error ter that figure.

More significantly, if you’re thinking of substituting the material that you samenvatting. what exactly are you going to substitute it with? Virtually any Earth rock you could think of (even the ‘worthless’ ones) would have more mineral value than the Moon rocks you’re mining.

Will this prevent the Moon from going out of orbit?

What other astronomical challenges would wij face?

Your fattest astronomical challenge will be if you think you’re going to be able to wegtransport all that mined material off the surface of the moon.

You would certainly be looking at an astronomical amount of rocket fuel!

You would be much better off leaving the mined material on the Moon and building things with it in-situ.


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