CRYPTO MINING Equipment GTX1080 x 48

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Seller: pcmacbits (Trio,364) 99.6% , Location: Stirling , Ships to: GB, Voorwerp: 112603063581 A massive processing 48 x GTX 1080, : Manufacturer : ASUS/PALIT/KFA German Designed Custom-made built Crypto currency miner. Using ONLY the best specs. Spec has bot upgraded to 48 Cards deliverying 24400 Solutions vanaf 2nd. Now zuivere linux so switch on and leave. Works out the opbergruimte. Switch on and walkaway!* Why mine with this equipment and us? Effortless setup Solution : Mine the most difficult algorithm i.e. Equihash that cant be made into Asics and slew of alternative coins to make money.Linux based no fail overheen like windows rigsRemote connection available for maintenance and support Assured parts not set up overclocked so wont overheen fever, providing adequate ventilation round units Switch on connect to LAN and Walk away after setup!Mine whatever becomes profitable Wij will set up your coins , pools te 7 days if your are inexperienced Companies like Nicehash have had security breaches , this software is yours and mine to well recognised mining pools that have had no security leaks.Safety very first. Our Builds are quality checked by degree qualified engineers. Common temperatures are around 80 to 90 degrees celcius. Wij use tegen surge power supplies that are twice the cost of most cheaper builds. Good thought if you are living ter house and you have phat temperature differences.Wij may not be the cheapest but wij will build the best units with the most resilience against failureHappy Mining! Our Specification is elementary. Get the best components . Running Linux . Every component came utter retail boxed and has excellent 1 years warranty. Recommend anyone to come see. Wij have managed to run 48 x top of the range 8gb x GTX 1080 this on just for just 150 watts vanaf card .. The components on this equipment have bot chosen for the least failure components wij could lay our forearms on. This equipment has bot tweaked for maximum comebacks based on UK Tens unit prices This unit is so powerful graphics array. It doesnt use much CPU power. This saved approximately 100watts Without losing an mining spectacle. Comes back whattomine results Current spil weeks average for 28Nov to Five Dec – Check the pics up top for last Two pictures comebacks listed ter profit order.Costs Yes electrical play would be around 8kw. The unit has current comes back of $230 dollars a day .THe 1080 cards have had no depreciation since there make almost a year ago due to request. The asset holds its value Fresh to Mining? If you purchase this unit it now comes with free inhouse tutorial to get you embarked! If you would like us to host and support then wij can do this also. If you want a elementary delivery wij can send it via courier. If you would like an installation and instruction and tutorial wij can install it to your premises subject to a toverfee. Asic Vs Graphic Card (GPU) Mining There is a loterijlot of confusion whether to mine using ASIC or Graphics Cards . it depends on the coin. If its one of the cryptos that uses mining algorithms that are designed to be resistant to ASICs then its going to be best to use GPUs te that case. Ultimately it comes down to how much you can mine for the cost of the electric current that you’re paying. ASIC: Advantages Klein form factor. Gigantic hash power right out the opbergruimte. Effortless to use. No need for other components only PSU to run it. Disadvantages Very Noisy ventilatoren Hard to buy you need to preorder Hard to sell You can mine Lightcoin and Bitcoin. – Spil the difficulty increases the units can become redundant and you need to buy more just to remain sustained. GPU: Advantages Can mine several coins at once. If the difficulty increases then you switch coins. You can tune the movie cards to consume less electro-therapy. Supports many coins. GPU can be used for almost all algorithms (that is, you can get a lotsbestemming more different coins) Effortless to buy. Effortless to sell. Disadvantages Not spil klein Which coins? Single Coin Mining Pick any of 31 coins and the unit can be set.XMR KRB SIGT UBQ ONIONSOILSIBGRS XMY ORB PXC KMD PASC ZEC ZCOIN HUSH ZEN ZCLPASLETH MUSIC ETC EXP DCR SIA MONA VTC DGB SIA FTC LBC Mine Two coins at a time ! Algorithms can be combined so ETC & DCR ETC & PASC ETC & PASL ETC & LBC ETC & SC EXP & DCR EXP & PASC EXP & PASL EXP & LBC EXP & SC ETH & DCR ETH & PASC ETH & PASL ETH & LBC ETH & SC MUSIC & DCR MUSIC & PASC MUSIC & PASL MUSIC & LBC MUSIC & SC UBQ & DCR UBQ & PASC UBQ & PASL UBQ & LBC UBQ & SC SOIL & DCR SOIL & PASC SOIL & PASL SOIL & LBC SOIL & SC BTX Pooling Your Money If you dont have a wallet for your preferred coin/exchange/mining pool. Wij can assist te setting this up. Finance on this unit is not possible. Unluckily. Delivery Wij can delivery free or the option of an engineer will install at your premises at a cost of ?950. If you would like insured delivery then please state. Wij can delivery with 7 days remote support The Cards will be boxed separately. Literally 1 screw needs to be locked te place after install connector cables each cable will be tagged appropriately and you can facetime and skype if necessary.Company Review Wij are limited company and have bot trading on the high street ter Scotland for overheen Nineteen years. Wij have assets enough from single builds to mining warehouse solution. If wishing to set up this unit yourself , you will need to install the 48 cards. Thesis cards will not be sent pre assembled spil each card is around ?650-?900 and courier have a tendancy to bounce. Detailed Setup This system has bot powered by Linux (Windows is an option). This now works out the opbergruimte . No more power profiles to mess with. Windows option If requesting windows the software for power management for cards needs to be activated ( Two Clicks ter the profile).The Mining software neeeds to be embarked (One click) Also daily and weekly restarts needed for keeping windows services. Wij dont recommend windows miners spil they need continued maintenance daily. Services keep switching on and means your spending half your day attempting to onberispelijk them. With linux you avoid all this trouble. Set the coin and walkaway wij can remote te at anytime with your equipment and check its working fine. Delivery and Order Presently order time is 60days. After Sales There is a comprehensive maintenance package needed with this equipment. Wij will remote connect keep your system upto date. Check its spectacle and help set up coins. For a nominal toverfee wij can opoffering an engineer to assist at any time. For people fresh to this world wij will response even what you may think is the silliest of questions. Our company has grown because of its back up service . Condition: Fresh, Mining Hardware: CPU, Country/Region of Manufacture: United Kingdom, Hash Algorithm: equihash See More

Crypto Mining Equipment GTX1080 x 48. Bitcoin, Ethereum, ZCash, Monero, Miner

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29,707 views, 166.9 views vanaf day, 178 days on eBay. Super high amount of views. 1 Sold, Two Available.

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