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nvOC easy-to-use Linux Nvidia Mining vBASIC (by fullzero)

nvOC is a customized Ubuntu 16.04 build with Nvidia, manual fan support, wagen launching on boot, and a single effortless to configure Bash Script (1bash) which can be configured from a windows pc using wordpad.

nvOC_vBASIC is easy-to-use.

It is for miners:

who would like to attempt mining with a 1000 series Nvidia GPU and have limited practice.

who would like to use it spil a template to make their own custom-made bash scripts (you can lightly edit the 1bash to support other Equihash or Ethash Coins or with a little more skill add extra clients and more)

who only want to mine Ethash or Equihash with

The default 1bash only requires you to make a account and substitute my mining BTC address with your own.

vBASIC zip should samenvatting on linux or Windows

vBASIC is 16.0gb (use a 32gb USB key or storage device)

Note: you still need to implement bios setting switches. The SHA256 hash (for the zip) is:

Download : Google Drive Verbinding

Original Postbode on Bitcointalk : Listig

This is the community build Two.0 from papampi, Stubo and Leenoox

Built based on the original code from nvOC v0019-1.Four by fullzero

To update to v0019-2.0 download “nvOC-19-2-update” and run: bash nvOC-19-2-update

Checksum SHA256: 424124D5FC47F635947A266E151B48BC776BAFDA5C1A03A7708EAE73730AB3D5

nvOC 19-2.0 Community Release Notes:

DSTM’s Zcash/Equihash Miner v. 0.Five.6

tpruvot/ccminer v. Two.Two.Three

KlausT/ccminer v. 0.8.15

Eliminated the infinite loops and waterput one at the end to voorkant all mining blocks (stubo)

Bug fix for 1050 Ti where pstate3 wasgoed not OC’ed (stubo)

Eliminated repetitive if LOCAL then “screen -r miner” from each mining block and waterput one at the end to voorkant all mining blocks (stubo)

Added support for BTG

Added telemetry/api to EWBF and ZM miner launches so that you can succesnummer :42000 to see this miner output (stubo)

Added the capability to pass te a miner password for all miners that have the “-pass” arg. (stubo)

Switched dstm zm location to “

/zec/zm/latest/” for lighter future updates (papampi)

Switched all miner begin scripts to use separate pool and port from 1bash so watchdog can check the pool connection lighter (papampi)

Added loom rotate settings (papampi)

Moved miner embark from 3main to 0miner, to make 3main lighter and better treat of miner begin (papampi)

Added wagen commence miner yes or no ( te case you need to edit or debug the equipment) (papampi)

Bug fix – $pwr_lim_daggerhashimoto5 corrected to $pwr_lim_daggerhashimoto (leenoox)

Bug fix – INDIVIDUAL settings were applied to GPU’s 0-13 only. Motionless to work with 0-18 (leenoox)

Partial code cleanup (leenoox)

Added EWBF_OPTS and ZM_OPTS for telemetry/api to EWBF and ZM miner (stubo)

Added MINER_PWD for miner passwords (stubo)

Unified and separated all pool address and pool ports so wdog can check if pool is up or no if needed (papampi)

Updated contributors list and release name (leenoox)

Added check if miner is running or not when utilization dropped to restart miner quicker (stubo)

Added check for internet and wait if its down (stubo)

Added check mining pool:port if internet is up and wait before restart miner and reboot system (papampi)

Added “Warning” to loom output of alerts to catch them lighter (papampi)

Switched logfile location to tmpfs (papampi)

Immovable a bug ter logging system to limit logs to 500 lines

Added checking number of gpus installed vs system reported gpus at commence of wdog, so you know if a gpu is not working (papampi)

Switched sleep time before wdog goin on observe to be based on gpu counts (papampi)

Set higher process and disk I/O priorities – watchdog is essential service

Code optimization (leenoox)

temp control (by leenoox):

Set higher process and disk I/O priorities – Temp control is essential service

Wagen detection of number of GPU’s

Only set, adjust and display available GPU’s, dynamic variables creation

Numeric check of the comeback values from nvidia-smi (looking for numbers only, anything else = error)

Reboot if GPU error detected and watchdog didn’t react for 60 seconds (act spil a backup watchdog)

Added query delay to nvidia API (no burst spamming, added 0.Five sec delay, prevent overcharge), helps reduce stale shares

Fresh (improved) display output including colors and bold text

Immovable the loom opstopping treating (Bug fix: Previous implemantation wasgoed not limiting the opstopping size)

Eliminated repetitive GPUFanControlState setting, it only needs to be set once, not every cycle (prevent API overcharge)

nvOC utility (by stubo):

Fresh function based utility that has many features including gpuinfo, zekering, begin, clearlogs, restart, etc.

Added loom rotation (papampi)

Switched minerinfo and papampi-telegram for fresh loom locations (papampi)

Create tmpfs partition to switch logfile location to tmpfs to lower read/writes to HDD/USB (papampi)

Switched minerinfo web so those who dont use wtm dont see empty or no wtm entries (papampi)

Below you can find the download linksaf to the different versions for NVIDIA GPU:

SHA256 hash for zip is : 9F461A33051568425F616A265D7811B6C3372F61BBCFDBAE7D50FB627C57FB38

SHA256 hash for zip is : 62F40499580BE1B695FEDA150F2B9A55E16F2C043B7F00FB09C1530F8B82EE67

SHA256 hash for zip is : 20A32841E07521B536083E7D4D4D64E2F8FDF2E259D277BB48E79F1520F57AF4

Note: you still need to implement bios setting switches.

partially supported motherboard linksaf:

fully supported motherboard linksaf:

v0019-1.Four Switch Loom: (note I toevluchthaven’t tested thesis switches yet) If you find a bug please report it ter the bug-reports thread on the nvOC discord.

  • All updates (including security updates) are disabled.
  • Updated to the newest Nvidia driver and resolved all known system conflicts.
  • Added zm Five.Two and immobilized zm opstopping reference problem from -1.Three
  • Modified hostname to reflect current version.
  • Immovable integration problems with papampi’s contributions.
  • Updated papampi’s contributions.
  • Updated kk003’s telegram voorzichtig
  • Added damNmad’s telegram bedachtzaam
  • Added BitcoinZ spil a COIN selection
  • Added Brainy spil a COIN selection
  • Added Vim

v0019-1.Three Switch Loom: (note I toevluchthaven’t tested thesis switches yet)

  • Updated to the newest zm client ( Five.1 )
  • Liquidated Internet connection check to ensure HOST and IP are correctly set by 1bash: Internet problem has bot identified spil a compatibility problem with some NICs and a Ubuntu update. The easiest solution for now is to get a $Ten usb NIC from amazon and use it te place of your mobos NIC if it has internet problems. I recommend this usb NIC: penetration/B00M77HLII
  • Stationary some compatibility problems with papampi telegram type.
  • System optimizations: disabled and eliminated unnecessary system processes
  • added papampi Miner Informatie webpagina (bookmark is now ter firefox)
  • added and integrated PAPAMPI_WTM_AUTO_SWITCH ( automaat switcher (its awesome) ) Thanks papampi and damNmad
  • added BTX coin selection, Thanks damNmad
  • Updated to the newest zm client ( Four.Five )
  • Added an Internet connection check to ensure HOST and IP are correctly set by 1bash.
  • Motionless several bugs related to setting general OC and target temp.
  • Immobilized a bug that required manual launch of 2unix (to accomplish update) when te remote.
  • Immobilized AUTO_UPDATE Daemon (you can run the Daemon to check for either STABLE or BETA updates automatically)
  • added car1999 + leenoox setting to fix GPU ordering ( I toevluchthaven’t verified this yet)
  • All of the fresh COIN selections (see above) Thanks damNmad and papampi
  • added TELEGRAM_TYPE ter 1bash: Thanks kk003 and papampi
  • added Claymore v10
  • added zm EQUIHASH client
  • added support for 19x GPUs (note Asus 19x will likely only work with 13x)
  • system + Nvidia driver updates
  • added damNmad_ALGO_SPECIFIC_OC ter 1bash
  • Some of the 3main code is less procedural and more OO
  • 4update now only checks 2unix (which will implement actual updates)
  • upPASTE will now kill gnome-terminal
  • added KTccminer (might not be the newest version, but I dreamed to get this update out to get everyone on the same pagina).

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