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Interpretation, Symbolism, and Dictionary

This pagina contains all of the detailed desire interpretations and their hidden symbols on Dream-Meaning.netwerk. The list of all the concepts is sorted from a-z. Use this spil a reference table to help you find and decipher your fantasies.


Fantasy Interpretation A to Z – Ten Comments

I had a weird wish. I dreamt that there are crab lik things coming out of my back but there clause kept violating off. What can this mean

I desire trector going with a man some of musition wasgoed visiting to our vilage it wasgoed enjoyeble evry1 wasgoed dancing glad

I have had two weird scary desires the last two nights…

The Very first fantasy had ‘a desire inwards a desire’, where I wasgoed dreaming about having to go Through some sort of obsticle course alone. For some reason I wasgoed naked footed. Ter the desire I woke up with strange cuts on My feet and everything wasgoed covered te my blood..

Zometeen ter my wish, an old female cop invited mij, My mom and My junior Brother into hier living slagroom for a cup og coffee. While sitting ter hier living slagroom, she held hier arm overheen mij to ontleding mij or something. After that she showcased mij a duo of weird and disturbing pictures with demonic faces looking out Through bushes and stuff. Some of the pictures were te Nice frames. Then she continued on by telling mij that I have had a Lotsbestemming of evil inwards of mij (something demonic). Then I felt something leave My assets, and she told mij that it wasgoed gone and that I had always Bot a Good person who would never harm anyone. After that wij had to leave hier house which let us Through a labyrinth of narrow creepy hallways. At the end, a big Black demonic creature stood still, watching us leave…

The 2nd desire, which occured the right after, ended with mij watching an adult, balled man using an Electrical drill to drill fuckholes ter his armpits, while he wasgoed laying on the floor. I wasgoed disgussed by This ter the desire. I could also hear other people te the Background beeing funked and warning him. The man thought that it wasgoed funny to do since there (apparantly) wasgoed no blood…

Please Help mij translate thesis desires, since they were very unsetteling! :/

I would love to interpret this wish for you. If you still get thesis responses, can you reply to mij at my blog? My webpagina is: youngrevivalist.wordpress.com

I had fantasies where I am trapped ter a building by fushia, crimson, and purple jewel encrusted gray spiders of all sizes and webs. Fantasy mij has awake mij’s bad arachnid-phobia and even tho’ the spiders seem harmless, I am screaming and running away from them and some pursue after mij.

I had a fantasy where I went on kampeerplaats road tour with friends. There were wervelstorm warnings so wij moved to another cabin. Went to get a drink and they were gone person left IOU for each she took. tornados came thru and wij waited it out. One of the chicks moms came with ointment for hier. Wij joked spil they eyed bread wasgoed almost gone and I displayed them wij had more. Wasgoed telling them about the storms when sky to ground lightening appeared. Wij went inwards. There wasgoed a side doorheen that I opened to look out and spotted a weird flash of light. Stepped outside and te the ds spotted fire and light mixed spinning. Then a purple dragon emerged. I ran to vanwege and my daughter grabbed mij making it hard for either to go te. Wij got te went to close om and there wasgoed a puny boy. I got him ter then teenagers kept appearing. I had to close the doorheen so wij could be safe and they all dissapeared. Wish ended then

I dreamed of dog poop everywhere what does that mean ter my house

For about a year and a half approximately I’ve bot waking up stimulating from head to foot, spil tho’ I’m a humansized mobile phone. And it carries on, but milder, for a little while when I’ve awoken and fully conscious. Could you please tell mij what this could possibly mean? Thank you.

I wish that my hubby gets out of prison and doesn’t want to be with mij

Desire that a doctor told mij I am pregnant with cherry tomatoes

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