GPU Equipment Cooling Fan, Bitmart 20 Inch Opbergruimte Fan, Bitmart Opbergruimte Fan

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Bitmart GPU Equipment Cooling Fan Specifications:

859 ter stock (can be backordered)

Bitmart has specially designed a GPU Equipment Cooling Fan for the use of cooling your GPU equipments. With industrial grade parts for the motor, its built for 24 hour operation.

Bitmart 20 Inch Opbergruimte Fan Instructions – GPU Equipment Cooling Fan

  1. This appliance is not intended for use by persons ( including

children) with diminished physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or

lack of practice and skill. Unless they have bot given

supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a

person responsible for their safety.

  • Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
  • the appliance.

  • If the supply is bruised, it voorwaarde be substituted by the manufacturer,
  • its service smeris or similarly qualified persons ter order to avoid a

    Bitmart Opbergruimte Fan Warning

    To reduce the risk of fire or electrified shock, do not use with any solid state controller. Ter case of failure or harm, please refer to the local service center or distributor, and do not attempt to fix it yourself.

    GPU Equipment Cooling Fan Speed Control

    To turn on the fan, simply turn the speed control switch to 1, Two or Trio. To turn off the fan turn it to 0. The Bitmart Opbergruimte Fan has Trio speeds, 1 for low, Two for medium and Three for high.

    Bitmart GPU Equipment Cooling Fan

    Bitmart Opbergruimte Fan Caution Notice

    1. Do not buttplug the power cord into the wall socket until the unit has bot fully assembled.
    2. Use only the rated voltage on the product description and label.
    3. During operation of the 20 Inch Opbergruimte Fan do not place fingers, forearms or any object inwards the guard of the Opbergruimte Fan.

    GPU Equipment Cooling Fan Maintenance

    1. Keep the Bitmart 20 Inch Opbergruimte Fan ter a cool dry place.
    2. To keep the fan clean, use a soft cloth soaked te soap water to clean off the dust and any stains on the fan. Wipe dry to keep the plastic from showcasing water marks. Do not use thinners or any petroleum based cleaning agents or even gasoline, dieselolie or petrol to clean the fan or any of its components.
    3. For safe storage, place the fan back into the vinyl bag and store it te a dry place out of reach of children.

    Bitmart 20 Inch Opbergruimte Fan Disclaimer

    Bitmart is the importer of the Bitmart GPU Equipment Cooling Fan and has obtained the necessary rights to invoer this product into South Africa. Delivery of any Opbergruimte Fan ordered is done after obtaining the required LOA.

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