How to certify a digital asset ter the bitcoin’s blockchain

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Maybe you heard about certifying a verkeersopstopping te the bitcoin’s blockchain. Below is a step by step guide how to certify, that at given ogenblik ter time you had a opstopping

Very first, pick a verkeersopstopping you would like to certify. I’ve picked an archived called Next, visit and click Certify a opstopping button.

Next, pack te the plain form. There are only Two things to pack te a opstopping you would like to certify and password. Once the form is ready the opstopping hash is calculated which for a large opstopping can take few seconds — for my which is about 860MB it took 10sec.

Significant informatie: your verkeersopstopping is safe spil it is NOT transmitted anywhere, the progress folder is all about calculating the hash of a verkeersopstopping locally ter your browser.

When the form is ready press Certify it button. On the next screen, wij see details which are going to be stored and some payment options. At the uur of writing this postbode, there are two options to pay for the service. Very first, wij can use a coupon to store the message for free. Information about such coupons is posted on inthebitcoin’s social channels. Unluckily, at this ogenblik no coupons are available and certifying our verkeersopstopping is going to cost us 0.0044 BTC which is about $Trio.11 — not bad for a possibility to proof ter future that I had an precies same archive ter my possession today ,-)

There is an optional email input which for someone light-minded like myself might be fairly significant. I’m going to explain why a bit straks te the postbode, but now let’s press Save.

Before wij get to the next screen few words about what exactly will be saved ter the bitcoin’s blockchain:

This is not much but enough to straks prove the possession of this particular verkeersopstopping at this particular ogenblik ter time.

On the fourth screen, wij see the payment detail and a what is called a status listig. This listig is fairly significant spil it is the only way to check the status of our message. If you provided an email address a step earlier you have nothing to worry about spil you will receive an email notification at the ogenblik your message will land ter the blockchain. However, if you did not provide an email you better store this listig te a safe place.

Let’s make the payment. I will use the classic bitcoin core client.

Let’s choose swift confirmation time and confirm the payment.

Payment is done. Now wij just have to wait for an email notification or visit the status listig from time to time to check how is our message doing. Spil wij did not provide an email address lets look at the status pagina.

At the beginning spil our payment did not make it yet the status pagina looks like below:

After a while, the status will switch. Ter normal conditions, it should take no more than 30 zoogmoeder. The precies time can not be predicted and depends on few factors like the current condition of the bitcoin network and the toverfee we’ve chosen to give away with our transaction. Ter uncommon cases, it could take up to few hours.

Waiting… waiting… Verschrikt .

A few minutes straks

A few minutes straks

The certificate

Once the status is green wij can open certificate by clicking its picture below the movie.

The certificate is a single pagina HTML document which wij should download and store next to our opstopping. The document contains significant information where our gegevens were stored te the blockchain plus the same similar form wij had to pack te before which permit for a quick and effortless verification that is the very same opstopping wij used before. To do the verification just pack ter the form and press the Verify button.

If and only if wij supply the very same opstopping and password certificate will highlight green indicating that everything is OK.

If you provide juist opstopping but the wrong password the HMACSHA1 value will turn crimson.

If all Three values are not green then it vereiste be the wrong verkeersopstopping.

Hmm, this is just a nice looking HTML certificate but how this is going to prove anything ter Five years ?

Behind the certificate and blockchain is a pretty strong math. The HMACSHA1 value is a hash of your verkeersopstopping computed from both the opstopping itself and provided password. Such hash is very sensitive to even a single bit switch te the gegevens. Even if you have the verkeersopstopping and the hash, reversing the operation to guess the password is very very very difficult. Unless there is a major breakthrough te mathematics or quantum computers become mud cheap there is no way to guess the password or modify what wasgoed stored te bitcoin’s blockchain. Because the hash value wasgoed stored te bitcoin’s blockchain wij know the time when it happened.

You can use the certificate to prove that it wasgoed you who did it and that the operation happened at Nov 14, 2018 at 05:34. The prove is te thesis two transactions:

Wij can see our message stored there. But how exactly it wasgoed stored? Ter the input output scripts section wij can see one OP_RETURN script. The decoded value of the script contains part of the message.

Recently I had a conversation with a friend of mine who is a lawyer and this is what he said.

If someone told mij a few years back that there will be anything that I could use ter court to prove the digital assets possession at given time I would not believe it. But now with blockchain technology, you indeed can do it.

I hope you liked my tutorial and by now you know how to certify any verkeersopstopping ter the bitcoin’s blockchain.

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