Identicons are used spil avatars to recognize addresses more lightly.

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Your Mobile Portal to Ethereum

Ethereum Android is more than just a mobile Ethereum wallet. It offers you the total power of the Ethereum World Laptop from your Android device.


Ethereum Android is developed to be


You determine if you want to share information with others.

Your gegevens belongs to you.

You are spil anonymous spil you want to be.


The entire podium – wallet, knot, and API – are built on top of state of the kunst cryptographic mechanisms.

Secure by vormgeving.


Blockchain technology is inherently decentralized.

Wij aim to keep it that way by letting the user choose which infrastructure he wants to use.

App features

Tapkast on the screen to see the features

Send and Receive Ether

The app is a fully functioning mobile Ether Wallet. Send and receive ether and see your transaction history.

Custom-built Knots

Connect your own knot of any type of Ethereum based Blockchain te a matter of seconds. Quick switching inbetween knots.

Offline Signing Support

Supports secure offline signing. Invoer an identity by its public address and sign outgoing transactions externally.

API of the EVM

Use the API of the Ethereum Virtual Machine to equip your Android app with the power of blockchain technology.

ethPay preview

Sell and buy digital goods and services with this mobile decentralized peer-to-peer payment framework.

Material Vormgeving

The wallet app is designed following Google’s Material Vormgeving. Identicons are used spil avatars to recognize addresses more lightly.


Ethereum Android targets three User Groups, Endusers, Android Developers, and Business.

Your mobile Portal to Ethereum

Wij designed the App so that both technological savvy and just casual users can benefit from it.

You can use Ethereum Android downright out of the opbergruimte without installing any toegevoegd software or setting up any infrastructure.

Te case you do want to be fully decentralized, you can, at any time, just switch to your own knot.

The app itself is a fully functional Ethereum Wallet optimized for Android with similar functionality to the well known Nevel Browser.

  • Send and receive Ether
  • Interact with Brainy Contracts
  • Connect to any type of Ethereum based Blockchain
  • Downright Anonymous
  • Use your own Infrastructure securely – Secure Proxy
  • Keyless Mode for outward Signing of Transactions – Read more

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Empower your App with Blockchain Technology

Spil Android developers ourselves, wij were very excited about the possibilities Blockchain technology holds for Android app development. Te lack of a possibility to equip native Android apps with Blockchain functionality, wij determined to develop a developer-friendly API to use the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Our library enables you to securely interact with every Ethereum based blockchain from within your Android application.

Ethereum Android makes sure that the entire communication inbetween knot and client is end-to-end encrypted.

Wij developed the API to let developers benefit from Blockchain technology without the hassle of setting up and running their own knot.

*Example of the submitTransaction-API-Call from an outer App

Ethereum Android for Business

Blockchain Technology is sought to have the same influence spil the internet had ter the 90s and many companies – especially of the financial services industry – are already investing billions te Blockchain related projects.

Blockchains not only enable trustless exchange inbetween two parties without intermediaries, they also liquidate friction of any type of interbusiness transaction resulting ter significantly lower transaction costs and quicker settlement of transactions.

Ethereum spil a decentralized application toneelpodium wasgoed designed to be more open and customizable than the Bitcoin Blockchain protocol and companies are already deeveloping their own custom-made Blockchains.

Wij are developing Ethereum Android to be lightly integrateable ter existing systems and provide devices and extension points for companies to evolve into using Blockchain Technology while still sticking to their approved and oftentimes not so lightly replaceable infrastructure.

Your benefits

  • Supports Enterprise Blockchains out of the opbergruimte
  • Proof-of-Authority Chains – instantly verified transactions
  • Wagen deployment and configuration via Enterprise Mobility Management Systems like Android for Work
  • Centrally managed access rights and roles

Voeling Us

*This is how a company could use a custom-made Blockchain with Ethereum Android


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