Mining Ops Update: After 8 Months

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Some Updates

If you&rsquo,ve bot following the my Crypto Farm Series then you&rsquo,ve seen lots of posts a few months back about building, troubleshooting, configuring and monitoring cryptocurrency mining equipments. It&rsquo,s bot a while since I&rsquo,ve had a chance to postbode an update on how the farm has progressed, what my capacity has grown to, what I&rsquo,ve bot working on, and what kinds of lessons I&rsquo,ve learned so I figured I would take a ogenblik to update on some fresh advancements!

Spoiler bedachtzaam: the farm has grown.

I have always planned on scaling my farms capacity so that I could postbode some content on solving some of the challenges that are unique to farm scale. Additionally, I desired to build more tooling around the mining practice so that I could ultimately offerande some fresh instruments to other miners to help aid them ter their mining efforts spil well. There are many problems lots of people are all attempting to solve ter various ways, so I&rsquo,m just looking for opportunities to take those problems, build solutions for them, test them, scale them, and ultimately make the practice that much more pleasurable for more people. It&rsquo,s bot a joy journey so far.

GPU Chip-set Wars

Te my earlier posts, I outlined some AMD GPUs that I&rsquo,d bot focusing on for my mining efforts. Specifically because – at the time – thesis were the most available, best value GPUs on the market. Of course, spil many of thesis readers have discovered RX 480s aren&rsquo,t manufactured any more and RX 580s and 570s are amazingly hard GPUs to find for a reasonable price now. Of course, most mining effective GPUs are hard to find at reasonable prices.


So, I commenced my mining equipment venture on AMD GPUs, specifically the AMD RX 480 chip-set. There wasgoed a pretty significant variance ter hashing spectacle te all of my AMD RX GPUs from different manufacturers. Most of this is reasonable to expect, but the insane amount of variance wasgoed a bit surprising.

For example, out of the opbergruimte, my MSI Gaming RX 480s with 8GB of memory would only perform at toughly 22-23 MH/s without vBIOS modifications or overclocking. With modifications and overclocking I could consistently get thesis cards at harshly 28 MH/s but managing warmth, power consumption and stability became real challenges. Additionally, there wasgoed a much higher manufacturing variance even within the same vendors implementation of the RX 480 &frasl,580 chip-set vormgeving, moreover, I could get welgevoeglijk show out of 570s for a lower per-card cost. All of this to say, I became disenchanted with AMD for mining ethash -based coins like Ether.

Previously, I trusted a loterijlot of the research I wasgoed doing before purchasing my very first lots of GPUs that wasgoed leading mij to this conclusion: NVIDIA is too expensive and doesn&rsquo,t have enough of a voorstelling edge to be a profitable card overheen AMD. Now, after months of mining with AMD and after testing the waters with some NVIDIA GTX 1070 equipments, I came to some fully different conclusions. The price of AMD cards had risen from the low $200s vanaf card to the high $200s and even into the $300s, but of course, nothing else switched, they didn&rsquo,t get better, just more expensive. NVIDIA cards also enlargened ter price, but since they were already expensive cards, they didn&rsquo,t increase at such a dramatic percentage and they were, ter fact, better cards. The GTX 1070s that I run now consume 147 Watts vanaf card running at utter hashing capacity vs my AMD cards consuming 225+ Watts vanaf card. Additionally, ter the same environment my AMD cards can run 8-10˚C (47-50˚F) warmer than my GTX 1070s with stock cooling. This is ter part due to the fact that the NVIDIA GTX 1070s that I&rsquo,m running from EVGA have higher quality heatsinks than the stock MSI AMD RX cards. And ultimately, the NVIDIA cards are much more stable at over-clocked memory frequencies and consistently pull 31 MH/s conveniently without pushing the envelope and there has bot zero variance from card-to-card so far.

Here is a summary of the above (all numbers are averaged spectacle overheen the 8 months and numerous vendors, vbios modifications, etc):

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