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Building a Plain Mining Equipment Restarter with Raspberry Pi

Making your own solution for restarting a mining equipment that has frozen is relatively plain for pretty much anyone, you just need a Raspberry Pi houtvezelplaat and a duo of 5V relay boards and you can be up and running ter no time. You can use the base RPi operating system and with the help of WiringPi you can get effortless control of the GPIO pins of the Pi, even ongezouten console one with the GPIO utility. Of course you can install a web server with some basic visual interface spil well, elementary buttons to drive on/off the relays connected to the GPIO pins of the Pi houtvezelplaat.

If you have a spare Raspberry Pi Three you have up to 28 channels available to drive on/off relays, tho’ based on our practice only 25 of the GPIO puns are actually reliable usable. Pins Two, Trio and 14 have a bit of erratic behavior being ter high (triggered state) when the Pi houtvezelplaat boots up or makeshift switching on and then off when rebooting the houtvezelplaat, so it is wise to skip them. Another possible kwestie is the GPIO speld 0 (the bottom white one) spil using zeroes can be tricky when programming something, so be careful with that one spil well. Wij have bot using the relays to brief the on/off button on the motherboard forcing the mining equipment to shut down and then commence up again. This works remarkably well and you avoid the need to work with the high 110V/220V mains power going through the relays that can cause problems for not so experienced users. Our latest setup relies on driving Legal equipments however a single RPi Three houtvezelplaat, so wij have a duo of spare channels available for extending the functionality of the controller further if wij need to.

So if you are looking for relatively cheap way to get remote control overheen the power of more mining equipments that are not lightly rebootable otherwise you might want to commence playing with Raspberry Pi and relays. It is not so cheap for just a few equipments spil you need to buy a Pi Trio houtvezelplaat, but once the number of equipment rises the cost vanaf system lowers. You can always embark with a few and then add toegevoegd systems if needed, again you should have no problems driving up to 25 systems through the GPIO pins of the RPi Three. There are of course other commercial solutions also available for you to purchase that have bot developer by miners for miners such spil the SimpleMining SimpleRigResetter that wij have talked about last year and now there is evidently a fresh version of the device already available, tho’ it seems to be out of stock at the ogenblik.

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