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The API functionality that wasgoed recently introduced to the ccMiner fork by tpruvot (source) is now accessible through a websocket directly from the web browser. This means that you just need to open a HTML opstopping on your pc to be able to monitor stats from the ccMiner that is running with the API enabled, no need to have a web server running on the same pc te order to be able to browse statistical information via the API. The sample websocket code included te the latest code from tpruvot just shows a graphical representation of the hashrate, but it can be extended to include other statistics spil well from the available gegevens provided by the API. Wij have compiled a windows binary from the latest code supporting Compute Three.0 to Compute Five.Two GPUs and you can download and attempt it from the verbinding below. The included sample websocket.htm verkeersopstopping is for showcasing you the basic hashrate stats, you need to run the ccMiner with the API enabled for the stats to work.

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Trio Responses to Fresh ccMiner 1.Five Fork by tpruvot With Websocket API Example Available

A slight hashing increase on a latest build (done about 30 minutes ago, Linux):

Toevluchthaven’t attempted any other algo yet. Tests done with

spotted similar increases for the algos on trademybit, so increase across services.

Doesn’t look like any increase te x15.

Thesis numbers are all stock 750Ti.

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