Fresh York Coin (NYC) 20X Swifter Than Bitcoin

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Very prompt, NO NETWORK Toverfee digital currency since 2014

NYC’s Story

NewYorkCoin launched on March 6th, 2014. Original developer disappeared at launch and is still unknown to this date. NewYorkCoin is a fair launch cryptocurrency with no pre-mine. NYC is downright open-source with a searchable block explorer. NYC offers a entirely free worldwide network (no fees to send or receive NYC) with lightning quick transactions. Effortless low difficulty mining ensures the NYC network remains free to use. Proven blockchain since 2014.

NewYorkCoin has a lotsbestemming going for it, says Bitcoin and blockchain accomplished

Nick Spanos, founder of the Bitcoin Center NYC.”


NewYorkCoin enables free worldwide remittances. There are no fees to send or receive funds worldwide using the NYC network.



NYC confirmations are 20X swifter than Bitcoin and 5X quicker than Litecoin. NewYorkCoin is usable at the retail level worldwide. NYC is ideal for time-sensitive daily consumer transactions.


Fresh York Coin code is entirely open-source and published at Github code repository since launching March 6th, 2014. Fair launch, no pre-mine, true cryptocurrency with block explorer.

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Fresh York Coin Features


NYC offers its users a decentralized, anonymous and secure worldwide network lightly accessible using a broad array of wallets on numerous operating systems.

20X swifter than Bitcoin

NYC is simply more usable than Bitcoin. NYC is 20X quicker to send, receive & confirm transactions. And 5X quicker than Litecoin. NYC is much cheaper to use than Bitcoin or Litecoin. Actually, it’s free!

No network fees

NYC is much cheaper to use than Bitcoin. NO FEES to use newyorkc network. NYC is anonymous, decentralized and has a proven blockchain since 2014.

Growing community

The development team is active and always ter close voeling with the community. You can lightly voeling us for support or fresh ideas about NYC.

Retail level

Near instant transactions with 30-second confirmations enable NYC to be used at the retail level worldwide for daily time-sensitive consumer purchases.

Real world acceptance

Legitimate businesses NOW ACCEPT NYC spil payment. Growing daily! See total list here.

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