Our Ethereum Price Prediction for 2018, Bulls on Crypto Street

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Ethereum made an lachwekkend run te 2018. Ter January it wasgoed trading at under $Ten vanaf coin, and a year zometeen it just broke overheen $900. It is considered by many to be one of the most promising cryptocurrencies te the world. It has excellent technology behind it with many applications outside of the cryptocurrency space. So what’s te store for Ethereum te 2018? Will it proceed on its amazing uptrend?

Our Prediction

Ethereum made an overheen 2000% budge te 2018. To expect another 2000% budge this year would be very unrealistic. Wij can see on its daily chart that it has bot on an incredible uptrend. A pauze of 1000 seems almost a certainty. It would not be a verrassing to see it pauze the psychological number by the end of the week. Wij can see that Ethereum is just cracking to all time highs on the chart below:

It would be difficult to rule out a stir to 3000 for the year, based on the price act wij have seen ter the very first three days of 2018. It shows up that all of the bullish sentiment from 2018 is alive and strong. Wij can see that the chart has bot holding a good uptrend and is showcasing no signs of stopping.

Keep Realistic Expectations

Ethereum made an overheen 2000% budge te 2018. To expect another 2000% budge this year would be very unrealistic. It will still be a good investment for the upcoming year. There are several very bullish signs indicating that Ethereum could see 3000 and beyond by the end of the year.

Strongest Cryptocurrency At The Ogenblik

Wij can see the relative strength Ethereum has at the uur compared to the other major cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin and Litecoin, are well off their all time highs, te the 15000’s and mid 200’s at the ogenblik. Ethereum meantime is violating out to all-time highs, and is holding up te the higher part of its range. BTC and LTC are taking a loterijlot longer to recover from the big crash from December 21st, spil neither of them have yet to even test the levels ter the upper parts of their daily ranges. Bitcoin via the entire year wasgoed the leader ter the cryptocurrency space. It looks like wij are eyeing a major switch te this dynamic ter the beginning of 2018.

Strong Rebound Off The Latest Weakness

On December 21st every major cryptocurrency had a giant druppel, partially caused by BTC’s 50% druppel ter a few hours. Wij can see how quickly ETH rebounded and returned right back into the range it wasgoed consolidating te prior to the breakdown. This is a major sign of strength, witnessing how quickly buyers hopped te despite such a massive druppel. The fact that it broke out to all time highs just a few days after the massive druppel is another major sign of strength.

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Bulls on Crypto Street

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