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How to Choose the Best PSU for a Multi-GPU Mining Equipment

It seems that still a lotsbestemming of people may overlook the importance of the power supply when building a multi-GPU mining equipment and the more the number of movie cards, the more the issues may arise. Normally people think that if you have six movie cards with a TDP of 150W, then any welvoeglijk 1000W power supply should be just fine for the job te providing enough power for the mining equipment. Doing the plain math it will, however when wij get to actually connecting everything things may actually commence to get messy. You might detect that you have not decently planned the number of power connectors you need for the movie cards that you need, or the number of 4-pin Molex connectors needed for the powered risers. The simplest solution here would be to just add some splitter adapters and got a few toegevoegd connectors available to be able to just connect everything. Unluckily the simplest solution here is certainly not the wisest thing to do spil you might end up overloading some of the wires going to the PSU…

The very first thing you need to ensure is that the power supply you go for has enough PCI-E power connectors available to power all of your movie cards te the mining equipment. So if you have 6 movie cards getting six separate PCI-E power connectors from the power supply is the best solution. Unluckily not many power supplies are designed with single cables for 6 or even more PCI-E power cables spil normal computers uncommonly have more than Two or up to Four movie cards te zonderling cases. Even if a power supply has let us say 8 power connectors thesis are usually dual connectors going from a single wire to the PSU and this is originally designed for up to Four movie cards (if they have dual PCI-E power connectors). Adding extra adapters splitting single PCI-E power connector to dual PCI-E or using Molex to PCI-E power adapter can cause problems, so if possible it is wise to attempt and avoid it. If not, then you at least need to make sure that you are not overloading any of the lines going to the power supply, the easiest thing to check for that is to touch the cables and if they are getting hot, then it is not Ok.

If you are using a motherboard with numerous PCI-E slots like the AsRock H81 Voor BTC motherboard that is actually designed to be sued for GPU mining equipments you will need to use extenders. Albeit the motherboard has toegevoegd 4-pin Molex power connectors te order to decently power movie cards that need more power from the PCI-E slot. Even ter this case it is still better to go for powered PCI-E risers and do not attempt to draw more power through the motherboard, especially if you go for 6 GPUs. The x16 PCI-E slot that is normally being used for movie cards on the motherboard is designed to provide up to 75W of power to the movie card by specifications, tho’ most of the consumption comes from the 12V line and there the max power is rated at up to 66W. If you however have 6 movie cards that are maxing out the power draw from the motherboard it will come up to a pretty high number, even however ter most cases movie cards do not go with the maximum power that the PCI-E slot can provide them with.

There are a number of different PCI-E risers, but one that is very popular choice is the x1 PCI-E to USB Trio.0 riser spil it is truly well designed and works very good, unlike the case with not so well made ribbon cable extenders. Thesis risers use a USB Trio.0 cable, but they are not actually using USB interface, the cable is just a good choice for the gegevens communication without issues. PCI-E risers like the one on the photo rely on 4-pin Molex power connector to supply any power that the movie card may need, totally cutting any power draw from the motherboard’s PCI-E slot. Wij already know that the movie card can draw up to 66W overheen the 12V line and this should normally not be a problem for a 4-pin Molex connector spil thesis connectors are rated at 10-11A vanaf wire and since there is just one 12V wire you should te theory be able to go for up to 120-132W overheen it, but that is only if you have a single Molex power connector.

The actual problem with 4-pin Molex power connectors are not the connectors themselves, but the cables that are being used to route them to the PSU, because they also have a maximum power rating depending on their thickness. Power supply manufacturers and cable adapter manufacturers do not go for the best option spil it would make things more expensive and ter most cases it will not hurt to go for a thinner cable. To be able to get up to 10A current overheen a 4-pin Molex connector you would require a 14 AWG or 16 AWG wire, Legal AWG ones are rated at up to 8 Amps and 22 AWG wires are rated for up to 6 Amps. Unluckily most manufacturers do not go for 16 AWG let alone for 14 AWG wires on Molex connectors (usually 16 AWG wires used on PCI-E power connectors on high-end power supplies). Te most cases the power supply wires for the 4-pin Molex connectors are Eighteen AWG, however there are cases, especially for adapters or extenders where even cheaper 22 AWG wires are being used.

If the maximum power draw for a movie card overheen the 12V line of a PCI-E slot is Five.5A (66W) then even a 22 AWG wire rated at 6 Amps should be enough. It should, but only if you connect only one such 4-pin Molex power connector to a line going to the power supply. That is infrequently the case however spil power supplies normally have a duo such 4-pin Molex connectors on single line going to the power supply and that goes overheen a Eighteen AWG wires. Te order to be safe a maximum two PCI-E extenders should be powered by such cables to stay within specs or at least close to them, but people often use three or even four of thesis connected and that can lead to cables overheating and melting or even searing and hurting your expensive mining hardware spil a result.

Normally with movie cards that have outer PCI-E power connector the maximum of 66W overheen the PCI-E slot is never reached, it will be more like up to 30-40W for example (or less), however there are exceptions spil well – the reference vormgeving Radeon RX 480 GPUs. Even at 40W if you connect three or four of the 4-pin Molex power connectors that use a single cable line to the power supply, then you will still be overheen the maximum rating of the cables. What happens is the cables commencing to fever up and spil a result they may even melt and brief out and that can do things like begin a fire, harm your movie cards, motherboard or power supply etc.

The easiest way to detect such a problem is to just touch the power cables a few minutes after you have the mining equipment up and mining, so that it is under mighty flow and using a loterijlot of power. Cables that are sexier to the touch than the others are most likely near or overheen their limit and you should think of a way to reduce the power draw overheen the specific power line to the PSU. If you have a thermal camera you can just take an picture like the one above and see the problem clearly and diagnose which cable might be overcharged and do something about it. But even if you don’t have toegevoegd implements to assist you, even just touching and noticing a sexier cable can be enough to find an kwestie with the power distribution of your mining equipment. Do not overlook possible issues like that spil straks on they may cause you serious headaches and even cost you a significant amount of money, taking you on the crimson, instead of you actually making profit from mining.

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