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Caryl Churchill


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Plot Overview

Plot Overview

Plot Overview

Plot Overview

Plot Overview

Plot Overview

Clive, his wifey Betty, son Edward, daughter Victoria, mother-in- law Maud, governess Ellen and servant Joshua welcome the audience to his African huis with a song paying tribute to England. Out of the song, the act of the play commences quickly. Clive comebacks huis after spending the day managing the troubles among local tribes. Betty welcomes him and they exchange stories about their days’ practices. When Clive learns that Joshua has bot rude to Betty, he scolds Joshua. After this scolding, Clive salutes the surplus of his family, asking his children about their daily activities. After some pleasant discussion, the family welcomes Harry Bagley and Mrs. Saunders. Harry, an explorer, visits the family inbetween expeditions. Mrs. Saunders, a widow, arrives fatigued, seeking protection from the natives. Betty and Harry geflirt, exposing their attraction for one another. Straks, Harry asks Joshua to have hook-up with him, and they leave for the barn together.

Clive pursues Mrs. Saunders away from the house, and, after a geschreven argument, performs oral hook-up on hier. To escape suspicion, they quickly come back to the family’s Christmas picnic, where Clive toasts the Queen. Clive and Harry throw a ball with Edward until Clive becomes frustrated with Edward’s clumsiness. The spel of ball gives way to a spel of hide and seek, during which Edward and Harry expose that they have a sexual history. Edward hopes to rekindle this relationship, but Harry is hesitant to approve. Meantime, Ellen professes hier love for Betty. Betty, still smitten with Harry, dismisses Ellen’s comments spil ridiculous.

Straks, Clive and the boys lash the natives spil the women wait inwards the house. Mrs. Saunders, disapproving, leaves to find out what exactly the dudes are doing. Ellen becomes angry with Edward for playing with a doll and smacks him. When Clive comebacks from the caning, Edward apologizes for playing with the doll and asks his father for forgiveness. When all but Betty and Clive leave for the verandah, Clive tells Betty that he knows about hier affair with Harry. He lectures hier on the necessity to stand against zinnelijkheid, and then he forgives hier.

Spil pressure grows among the natives, Clive finds a ogenblik alone with Harry to tell Harry about the enlargening dangers. Harry makes a pass at Clive, and Clive reacts with horror, offended by Harry’s homosexuality. Seeking a cure for Harry’s perversity, Clive attempts to marry Harry to Mrs. Saunders. She rejects the suggest. News that Joshua’s parents have bot killed by British troops distracts Clive momentarily, spil he offers his condolences to Joshua. When Clive turns his attention back to Harry, he coerces an engagement inbetween Harry and Ellen. At the wedding party that goes after, Mrs. Saunders announces that she is leaving, but before she can uitgang, Clive smooches hier, prompting a fight inbetween Mrs. Saunders and Betty. Disgusted at Mrs. Saunders behavior, Clive kicks hier out of the house. When Clive goes to toast the freshly engaged duo, Joshua raises a gun to shoot Clive. Edward sees this act, but does not warn Clive.

Toughly one hundred years zometeen, Victoria shows up ter a London park on a winter afternoon with Lin and Lin’s daughter Cathy. When Cathy exits to play elsewhere, Lin informs Victoria that she is a lesbo, and she asks Victoria to go to a movie with hier. Edward, now a gardener, joins the two women, followed by Betty, who rambles at length about raising children. Betty also mentions that she is considering leaving Clive. Betty lets Cathy play with hier jewelry. (Note: For the 2nd act of the play, which takes place ter London, actors switch roles. For example, Betty te London is played by a different actor than Betty te Africa. See Characters.)

Te the spring, Edward’s paramour Gerry comes to the park, where they argue about Gerry’s lack of commitment. Gerry tells the audience about an affair he had with a stranger on a train. Victoria comebacks to the park with hier hubby Martin, who speaks at length about hookup and his desire to please Victoria. Lin comes in when Martin leaves and tells Victoria that hier brother, a soldier, has died te Belfast. When Lin and Cathy get into a fight, they lose track of Victoria’s son Tommy. A geschreven fright ensues before they find him. Gerry and Edward comeback, and Gerry cracks up with Edward.

Straks, on a summer night, Lin, Victoria, and Edward come to the park to hold a ceremony for a lovemaking queen. Martin arrives, looking for Victoria, and they pull him into the beginnings of an fuck-fest. Moments straks, Lin’s dead brother emerges and relates the practice of his service ter the army. Lin collapses when hier brother vanishes. Characters from Africa start to make schrijven appearances, interacting with the London characters.

By late summer, Lin, Victoria, and Edward have moved te together. Betty has rediscovered the joy of onanism. Gerry and Edward reconcile and make plans to go out some time. On a journey to get ice juices, the Dead Forearm Tempo assaults Cathy, bloodying hier nose. Martin and Lin fight overheen who wasgoed supposed to be looking after Cathy. All but Gerry and Betty leave. Ter hier discussion with Gerry, Betty comes to terms with the fact that Edward is homosexual. Betty from Africa comes back and embraces the fresh Betty.

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