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StealthCoin is an cryptocurrency that wasgoed launched on July 8th. It features the fresh X13 energy efficient algorithm, a POS stage after a reasonable POW period, and integration with the Tor network ter order to provide true anonymity. There is going to be a petite premine of 1% which will be used to fund further development ter the coin. StealthCoin (XTS) is presently trading on Bittrex and Cryptoine for 0.00000890 BTC.

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  • Algo: X13
  • Symbol: XST
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • Total PoW time: 14 days
  • Total PoW money supply: 23,273,860 XST
  • Blocks 1-10 premine 23,274 XST each (total premine 232,740 XST)
  • Blocks 11-260 award: 16.0 XST each (Four hr low prize for fair launch)
  • Block 261+ award: 8,000 XST
  • Block award halves every 1440 blocks (

1 day)

  • Last PoW block: 20,420
  • PoS rente: 20% annually
  • Coin PoS age: Minteken. Trio days / Max. 9 days / coins zekering aging at 15 days
  • P2P port: 36502
  • RPC port: 46502
  • Wallet:

    StealthCoin.conf (case sensitive)



    Q: Where can I find the gegevens directories?

    A: Windows <, Vista: C:Documents and SettingsUsername

    Windows >,= Vista: C:UsersUsernameAppDataRoamingStealthCoin

    How to mine StealthCoin (XTS) on Windows 7

    You will need a Windows verhoging and AMD graphics ter order to successfully mine StealthCoin. Very first you voorwaarde download a wallet for Windows from one of the linksaf above under the Resources section. After installing the wallet wait for it to synchronize with the network. Once the wallet has bot synchronized download the sph-sgminer_x13mod from this verbinding . Then once you download the verkeersopstopping samenvatting it and open sgminer.conf Edit your pool, username and password. If you are using the official StealthCoin pool: then your stratum URL would be: stratum+tcp:// username would be your StealthCoin address and the password can be anything. The pool takes 60 blocks to confirm at which point you need a ondergrens balance of Ten xst and the pool pays you.

    Fore reference purposes my mining equipments are running R9 290 Tri-X by Sapphire. By using stock settings I wasgoed able to shove out Two.Three Mhs vanaf card on average. The laptop wasgoed still usable and the stock settings seem to be stable.

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