Thanks to this, the management process of the Silverfish Blade 21M is very convenient, ordinary and intuitive.

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Silverfish Blade 28M is a klein station for Scrypt-hashing, which can lightly provide a hasht ter 21 m / s.


Vormgeving and vormgeving features of the Silverfish Blade 25M:

From the outside, this miner is not much different from the vast majority of open-end Asiks that exist today te the world market. The Silverfish Blade 25M is a pair of processor modules connected together under the cooling of two coolers. The skeleton of the construction here is a L-shaped metal framework, at the same time playing the role of the base and the vuurlijn panel of the asic. Spil already mentioned, there are Two chip modules, each of which carries 20 chips of the SF300k01 type, manufactured using the 55nm process technology. Well, for zindelijk warmth dissipation, each of the boards is tooled with a powerful radiator.

The power supply ter this device is provided outer and is not included te the standard equipment. Nevertheless, the feeding interfaces of the processor modules are standard (PCIE), so that it will not be difficult to find the required source of power supply.

Thanks to the open vormgeving of the bow, access to its gland is always open, which is not only convenient te the course of onveranderlijk operation, but also positively affects the temperature staatsbestel of the miner. And if the appearance of the Silverfish Blade 25M is not particularly unique, then its packing is very different from all the existing miners. So, both boards are united by a rigid bus located on the base of the device, and the network controller is an integrated component of the modules themselves.

Network connection and software of the miner:

The Asic Miner Silverfish Blade 21M does not have an extra network controller, like Raspberry Pi or BE Controller and yet, Silverfish does not need to connect such devices, being a fully self-contained network device.

Working with the network ter the Silverfish Blade 21M is straightforward on its working modules, each of which has two Ethernet ports, where one plays the role of the recipient of the information, and the 2nd is needed for the connection with the 2nd card.

Spil for software, it is also introduced here te a fully different light than on other devices that are familiar to us. If most of the miners use only browser interfaces, then the software is introduced spil a separate full-fledged program. Thanks to this, the management process of the Silverfish Blade 21M is very convenient, ordinary and intuitive. The program displays all the pools involved, all network settings of the device, the total running time, and provides comprehensive information about the vertoning of the device: hashed, temperature, processor frequency, etc.

List of technical characteristics of scrypt Miner Silverfish Blade 21M Litecoin:

– Prototype of chips: SF300k01,

– Number of chips: 20 pcs .,

– Processor chip: 55 nm,

– Voltage on the chips: 1 V,

– Consumption of the device 280-290w,

– Hashrayt of one chip 720 kx / s,

– Clock speed of the chip: 792 MHz,

– Network controller: own, integrated te the processor modules of the device,

– Software: own desktop application with a window interface,

– Network interface: standard Ethernet port – Four pcs .,

– Cooling: Two coolers, spil well spil a fever submerge radiator system,

– Power: the power supply is not standard,

– Operating temperature: 53-57 ° C,

Thus, Silverfish Blade 21M is a truly unique device that stands out among its competitors ter the Scrypt-Mining environment. Ter addition to high productivity, this pivot also has many other advantages: ease of use, good staffing, spil well spil the highest quality of assembly and materials used.

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