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I like the Splattershot Jr, and now the Custom-built version is here, with Robot Chickens and a stormier Ink Storm. That sounds like a good combination to mij, both sub and Special forcing inklings to stir, perhaps where they don’t want to, permitting for more nuanced battling overheen the standard weapon. I grab one from Sheldon and head ter to Tower Control with it.

My very first few outings aren’t superb, albeit one opportunistic Robot Chicken chucked at the Tower finds a target, but I’ve never said I wasgoed good at battling. Spil the Tower goes our way again, I attempt to avoid a meteen confrontation and be a bit more tactical. That’s pretty much why I’ve chose the Custom-built Splattershot Jr after all. I think that does the trick.

Another Robot Chicken splat and some ink sprayed here and there clears the Tower, and wij get to thrust it the other way. Having not bot splatted te a few seconds lets my Ink Storm charge, and that provides some needed voorkant for our shove, spil I get some inky vengeance on the Octobrush super-jumping to a dangerous location.

It looks like my Ink Storm helps splat a duo of inklings away, and albeit wij don’t take the lead wij make a good statement of intent. I waterput by Robot Chickens to work next, and they do a good job of getting the orange team inky. I meet the Octobrush again, whose wild flailing hits my wild splashing, but my Ink Storm has the last word.

My next outing is brief, falling off the ledge throwing a Robot Chicken. So it goes. I hassle an orange inkling sticking around our high veengrond afterwards, and it’s joy to observe him run this way and that from my little automatons, but there’s a battle to fight too. I druppel down to get some vengeance for a squidmate, before the squidmate I wasgoed hassling with Robot Chickens tracks mij down to get hier own back.

My flanking stir doesn’t catch anyone, but it baits the Sploosh-o-matic to pursuing mij again, this time without a Splashdown. I still get a bit fortunate with the result. Wij get to shove the Tower again, with not much time left, so it’s good I have an Ink Storm ready to help. That Octobrush catches mij out again, tho’, and my last-ditch attempt to recover the Tower is foiled by a jumper.

It wasgoed a close battle. Better than that, the Custom-made Splattershot Jr looks like a loterijlot of joy!

Activating the ink rail spil a distraction clearly doesn’t loser that Octobrush, and I bet that’s not the last I’ll see of him. I attempt to be more pragmatic on my comeback, hoping to neutralise the Splat Zones and pulling down down only when there’s clear chance. But, spil happens curiously often thesis days, I overshoot my target and end up victim to a Splashdown that I react too late to avoid. So it goes.

Everyone’s hurting spil I terugwedstrijd, which isn’t a good sign. I determine not to be fairly so ongezouten, just te case, and end up finding a good position to slosh from. Wij even shortly capture the Splat Zones. I should very likely attempt to stick around here for a bit. I do some loops, keeping veen inked, and I think my ink-rail gambit pays off a little. Or the brush is covering our Burst and Splat Bomb ink.

My Burst Bomb throwing still needs work, spil I keep hitting walls and not inklings, but I hold my position fairly well. It’s only when an Ink Storm passes overhead that I get a bit inky. Still, wij’ve take the lead, which is good! The teal team capture the Splat Zones soon after, and my running ter to a Splashdown doesn’t help us much. I take the alternative route down, and help neutralise the Splat Zones, spil well spil fight overheen super-jumper splats.

I activate the ink rail again, and this time determine to rail it, to see what happens. I am disregarded, which is good, and I get to druppel down on top of one inkling, and sneak up behind another, before helping re-capture the Splat Zones. Nice! Attempting to sneak around the side again just has my sloshing this way and that, before ultimately hitting my target spil my target hits mij.

I get back to the Splat Zones ter an excellent position to get some swift splats, but I don’t make the most of the chance and get flanked before I can get two of them. My squidmates are still around, at least, and the Splat Zones stay a healthy shade of orange spil the ten-second countdown emerges.

One last splat boosts my numbers nicely, spil wij win the battle. My Fake Contacts come out looking fairly nice too. Woomy!

E-litre chargers remain annoying, unluckily, but I get to have a bit of joy with the Rainmaker kleintje of spil a result. I get a fair distance, but the blue team recover it and look to want to get splats more than advance their lead. Whatever, weirdoes. What’s worse is my timing to activate my Ink Armour, right after a squidmate did it. I need to pay more attention. Either way, it emboldens mij to charge the Rainmaker, and helps mij splat the Nozzlenose.

I don’t manage to sneak up on the E-litre 4K, which isn’t a verrassing when I am sloshing my ink ahead of mij. At least my squidmates have grabbed the Rainmaker, and I can super-jump back to them to support with my bucket. Wij take the lead from the blue team, and when wij lose the Rainmaker I take a step back to avoid getting splatted for nothing. Instead, I get some height, and apply some inky pressure, splatting the brush and, better yet, the E-litre 4K.

The blue team’s concentrate on the Rainmaker left them vulnerable, and with them splatted away and the Rainmaker te gevelbreedte of us, I grab it and thrust to increase our lead. I’m splatted quickly, but te a good position for the battle. The squidbagging by the Octobrush seems unnecessary. The blue team attempt another thrust, but maybe ‘shove’ is the wrong word, spil the E-litre 4K treads rearwards with the Rainmaker for a while, and doesn’t get to the middle of the port before losing it.

Spil wij battle for possession, I sneak around the side to attempt to verrassing the blue team. It doesn’t indeed work, much like the E-litre 4K looking to get a cheeky splat. He has to panic-fire to recover the situation, but maybe he shouldn’t be so cocky te the very first place. Meantime, the Rainmaker is coming our way, and with slew of support.

Wij only just zekering the Rainmaker before the blue team steals the lead, sloshed ter mid-air with support. And with less than thirty seconds to go, wij need to be careful with our defence. The Rainmaker is grabbed and moved up a bit, but not much, and the blue team kicking off inking its shield.

It looks too dangerous to contest the shield, so instead I let them burst the Rainmaker free from a safe distance, and go for stopping the Rainmaker itself. That does the trick. Woomy!

I’m not worried about the low battery spil much spil that inkling inking his way to our toneel, te prep of a purple Rainmaker drive. I suspect he will be an irritating presence for most of the battle, and I would do well to disregard him, if not his ink. I can’t help but feel responsible for our defence, however. Still, I should most likely be more worried about the Rainmaker itself.

My squidmates budge the Rainmaker away from our toneel and at least get us a score, but the purple team seem to be everywhere, much like their ink. It’s looking rough even to defend, let alone make any progress. But spil wij eis the Rainmaker a 2nd time, I attempt what the other inkling did and advance to ink a path, and maybe keep it clear of inklings. I don’t do too badly, even if the Rainmaker isn’t able to go after mij.

The Rainmaker is shoved to the purple side of the Academy, tho’, and it stays there for a little while. I haul my high-heeled slippers getting there myself, mostly because I’m expecting it to come right back, and I’d rather they encountered the green ink of resistance rather than a sleek run, and neat up spil I go. But when I budge up, I am fairly effective. I squeeze under the Nibble Ray and become a distraction. Getting three splats helps too, and our squidmate romps ter to the lead, almost getting the knockout victory! Nice!

I’m beginning to believe, so wedloop back to the purple side, but they are back ter control of the Rainmaker and are spreading purple ink again. I think it’s time to adopt a defensive position. But attack is a good form of defence, so I stir up to attempt to keep the Rainmaker out of purple tentacles, but my sloshing lets mij down. Throwing a Burst Bomb te to a wall doesn’t help either. My squidmates splat the Rainmaker nicely brief of our territory, however.

Time runs out, but with the Rainmaker back ter purple tentacles. That means reserve time. All wij have to do is prevent the purple team from sneaking the lead, which means wij have slew of veen to work te and wij don’t need to rush te to trouble. Even so, despite my tactical positioning, they look to get much closer than I intended.

I think wij did truly well, considering the general flow of that battle. And I’m glad I wasgoed able to contribute at a duo of vital points. Woomy!

That’s a pretty good Splat Bomb to begin with, splatting one inkling and getting another inky. Losing the Splat Zones originally isn’t a problem either, not if they are captured from a shaky foundation, and wij overpower the yellow team to take control. Unluckily, wij’ve already lost our Jer Squelcher, making our position considerably weaker.

I keep myself going, attempting to ink the Splat Zones spil best I can, and hitting the zijkant when the Splat Zones aren’t safe. I see one inkling attempting to splat mij, and leave a Splat Bomb spil a welcoming present, but the surplus of their team has captured the Splat Zones and are solidifying their presence there.

Our lead is lost, and yellow ink is everywhere. Wij indeed are missing our Jet Squelcher. Not even the odd splat here and there truly helps us out, spil that only puts us on even terms for a brief few seconds. It’s no verrassing that the yellow team’s control resumes te one streak.

It wasgoed a good battle for a while, but losing an inkling indeed is felt fairly hard.

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