Toshiba mini NB205 – Review of the Toshiba mini NB205

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Unique vormgeving, More than 9hours of battery life, Comfy keyboard and large touchpad, Hard drive protection, USB port charges device when system is off

Large display bezel, Long boot time

Toshiba’s entry into the U.S. netbook market soars past the competition with a stunning vormgeving, stellar keyboard, and the longest battery life of any netbook to date.


At very first glance, it would seem that there’s very little a manufacturer can do thesis days to make its 10-inch netbook stand out from the hordes of others on the market. Yet, despite being more than a year late to the spel ter North America, Toshiba’s mini NB205 does just that. It has created a netbook that, while housing a standard Intel Atom processor, 1GB of RAM, and Microsoft Windows XP Huis, manages to pauze the mold. With a beautiful chassis, a spacious keyboard and touchpad, an exemplarymore-than 9hours of battery life, and a competitive $399 price tag, Toshiba’s netbook rises above the competition.

Unique Vormgeving

With most netbooks sporting the same organs, Toshiba joins the ranks of ASUS and other manufacturers ter realizing that aesthetics vereiste be top of mind when designing a netbook. The Sable Brown piemel (also available te Royal Blue, Posh Pink, and Frost White) is adorned with raised horizontal lines. Combined with an stijlvol, shiny bronze hinge (with a glowing power button at the center), it nicely matches the silver finish on the bottom deck for an overall professional look. Toshiba will also offerande a $349 version (NB205-N210) of this netbook that will come te Black Onyx only, which will have Toshiba’s slick Fusion Finish (rather than the raised pattern) on the piemel.

At Ten.Four x 7.6 x 1.Trio inches, the NB205 is fairly klein, albeit not spil slender spil theASUS Eee PC 1008HA(Ten.Three x 7 x 1.0) or theAcer Aspire One AOD250(Ten.Two x 7.Two x 1.0). Additionally, this netbook’s standard six-cell battery juts out from the back of the system. Weighing Two.8 pounds by itself, together the NB205 and its AC adapter came ter at Trio.Four pounds, and didn’t waterput much strain on our shoulder spil wij walked huis.

Fine Keyboard, Touchpad Combo

The area underneath the attractive lul of the NB205 proceeds to impress. The metal island keyboard on our monster (the less expensive version will be plastic and non-island style) is one of the best wij’ve seen, and rivals that of theHP Mini 2140. However they’re sturdy and comfy, it can take a bit of time to get used to its keys. Nevertheless, wij achieved a strong score of 80 words vanaf minute with a one-percent error rate on the Ten Thumbs typing test ( Wij had a two-percent error rate on theSamsung N120.Wij also noticed that the gray icons for shortcuts on the function keys were hard to see te the light against its silver background.

Similarly, the touchpad on the NB205 is one of the best wij have used on a netbook. The Trio.1 x 1.6-inch padachtige is the largest one wij’ve seen te the 10-inch class, and it’s sleek finish makes it effortless to navigate the desktop. Its two dedicated right and left mouse buttons are comfy and far from stiff.


The Toshiba mini NB205 has the standard set of ports wij’ve come to expect from netbooks, but with a slight twist: two USB ports and a Kensington lock adorn the right side, a VGA-out, audio ter/out, Ethernet, and a third USB are mounted on the left. That third USB port is enabled with Toshiba’s Sleep-and-Charge technology, which provides power to connected devices (such spil clever phones) when the system is off. A 3-in-1 memory card reader sits along the gevelbreedte lip.

Screen, Webcam, Audio

The NB205’s Ten.1-inch, 1024 x 600-pixel resolution LED-backlit display is just the right amount of glossy. Watching a Daily Demonstrate clip on wasgoed bright, and colors were not at all muted. Tilting the screen back to its 45-degree maximum didn’t cause too much distracting glare, and wij had no problem positioning the notebook ter bedding to see a YouTube clip.

Wij were somewhat dispelled by the almost one-inch thick bezel that surrounds the display–it seems like there’s enough slagroom to gezond an even larger screen. But, because you have to live with Ten inches, Toshiba gratefully includes a zooming utility that increases text and icons within certain programs, including Internet Explorer and Adobe Reader, by pressing number shortcuts.

Dual stereo speakers, hidden below the pui edge of the system, were a bit powerless compared with other netbooks wij have tested. When playing The Shins overheen, wij had to crank up the volume to hear the lyrics. Similarly, on a Skype call wij couldn’t make out our callers’ voice spil clearly spil wij would have liked. Plugging ter a headset solved thesis problems.


The Toshiba mini NB205 contains Intel’s latest 1.66-GHz Atom N280 processor, spil wij found with theEee PC 1000HEand theMSI Wind U123, it makes a slight spectacle difference, but it’s not dramatic. When wij ran PCMark05 (which measures total system spectacle ter Windows XP), the Toshiba NB205 notched a score of 1,496. That’s 111 points higher than the category average of 1,385, but 92 points lower than the Eee PC 1000HE. Overall, voorstelling wasgoed pretty snappy, and wij had no problems streaming movie at total screen or working with several applications (Firefox Three, Microsoft Works, and Skype) at the same time.

The NB205’s Intel GMA 950 graphics chip delivered a score of 92 on 3DMark06, which measures graphics voorstelling. This mark wasgoed a little lower than the netbook average of 97, but, unless you’re programma to play the latest 3D games, you won’t notice a difference. A 720p movie clip played slickly. Using Handbrake, wij transcoded a 5-minute-and-5-second MPEG-4 movie clip (114MB) to the AVI format ter 27 minutes and 23 seconds, which is only seconds slower than the netbook average.

During testing, the keyboard and touchpad were not noticeably warm, albeit the underside of the unit heated up, measuring 94 degrees Fahrenheit.


The NB205’s 160GB, Five,400-rpm drive booted Windows XP ter 1 minute and 25 seconds. Tho’ this is longer than the 55-second netbook average, wij attribute the difference to the amount of trial software that is loaded on the system. On the LAPTOP Transfer Test, ter which wij duplicate Four.97GB of mixed-media files, the NB205 took Four minutes and 41 seconds, or a rate of Legal.1 MBps, which is Trio.Five MBps quicker than the average netbook, tho’ not spil swift spil the Eee PC 1008HA’s mark of 23.1 MBps.

Standing out from most, the NB205’s drive is protected from unexpected drops by a 3D accelerometer. Using Toshiba’s software, you can turn the protection on or off and adjust the level of sensitivity.

Stellar Stamina

The Toshiba mini NB205’s standard six-cell 5800 mAh lithium ion battery outshines all other netbooks. On the LAPTOP Battery Test (continuous Web surfing overheen Wi-Fi), the system lasted longer than a good night’s sleep–a very impressive9 hours and24 minutes. This runtime blows away the six-cell netbook average of Five:40, and it hammers out even theSamsung N110, the longest-lasting mini-notebook with a six-cell battery to date, by 1:06. It even hammers the MSI Wind U123–which has a nine-cell battery–by Nineteen minutes.

Wi-Fi Spectacle

The NB205’s 802.11b/g Wi-Fi card provided adequate spectacle on our tests, delivering 21.Three Mbps and Nineteen.8 Mbps from 15 and 50 feet, respectively. Thesis scores are higher than the netbook averages of Legal.7 and 15.7 Mbps, but are not spil high spil the ASUS Eee PC 1008HA (which is also not tooled with wireless N). The NB205 maintained a strong connection during our day-to-day Web activities, streaming music overheen Slacker without pauses, and streaming movie clips on that were void of buffering delays.

Upgrade Options, Software, Warranty

While Toshiba will not suggest configuration options, you can upgrade the netbook’s RAM to 2GB on your own. Spil mentioned, Toshiba will also sell the $349 NB205-N210 monster without the adorned penis and island keyboard.

Our NB205 came preinstalled with Windows XP Huis. But typically, spil the company does with its other notebooks, Toshiba bundles the system with a good overeenkomst of software, most of which is proprietary. Te addition to Toshiba’s HDD Protection and Zoom Utility software, Bluetooth Stack (for effortless Bluetooth setup), ConfigFree (for connecting to a network), and PC Health Monitor (for keeping the netbook running slickly) are included. ConfigFree provides a compelling interface that displays the networks te range, wij found this helpful for quickly connecting to the Web, tho’ some users may choose XP’s settings.

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