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Apple is providing store bounty cards with purchases at utter price, so here are other options is you are looking to score a tablet or rekentuig for less than the regular price.

Deals on Apple Macs from Best Buy’s Black Friday ad.

Updated on November 24: Spil expected, Apple’s Black Friday plans don’t include any discounts on the actual products. Instead, it’s providing store bounty cards with the purchase of many items at the regular price — and on Friday only. For iPads, you will receive a $50 bounty card for buying an iPad mini Four or 9.7-inch iPad, while you will get a $100 bounty card if you purchase a iPad Voor (either Ten.5-inch or 12.9-inch version). For any MacBook, iMac, or Mac Voor purchase, you will be rewarded with a $150 Apple bounty card.

People don’t buy Apple products because they want the lowest price on a tech device, but that doesn’t mean they won’t take advantage of a discount if they can find one. Black Friday is one of the

best times to score that discount, tho’ usually not from Apple itself, which seems to get stingier each year with its “deals.”

Cyber Monday 2018

There’s always a chance when Apple eventually unveils its plans on Black Friday morning that it will switch roles course from past years of suggesting store bounty cards te lieu of actual price reductions, but wij’re certain enough that it won’t to write this postbode before wij even know what Apple is programma. (Of course, wij reserve the right to update our postbode if Apple does actually deviate from its latest history and thinks different this Black Friday.)

Instead, you have to rely on a handful of stores if you’re looking for a sale on an iPad or a MacBook or an iMac. Some of them are known to most consumers — Best Buy, Target, Walmart — while others are more niche retailers that are known to fewer purchasers — B&,H Photo, Fry’s, MacMall. But all of them have contributed to the following deals that you’ll be able to obtain overheen the next few days.

Once the belle of the Black Friday ball, Apple’s tablet family remains a popular bounty voorwerp, just not to the same degree spil a duo of years ago. Apple has held rock-hard on its iPad prices overheen the years, so you still can’t find a sale for one this Black Friday for under $200. The best you can get is $244 for the latest base 9.7-inch iPad from Fry’s, a few dollars cheaper than what Best Buy, Target and Walmart are selling it for. If you want cellular capabilities te addition to Wi-Fi, Sam’s Club has a 32GB iPad version with both networking options for $327.

At one time the cheapest iPad, the latest iPad mini has yielded that to its “regular” size sibling, but you can grab a base iPad mini Four for under $300 from Best Buy ($274.99) and Fry’s ($269). You have more options for deals with the iPad Professional, including the 64GB Ten.5-inch version for $529.99 at Target and the 256GB edition for $649.99 from BJ’s Warehouse. Best Buy is suggesting up to $150 off various iPad Voor configurations, spil is B&,H Photo.

This is pretty much the time to score the lowest price on Apple’s laptops, with the base MacBook Air going for spil little spil $788 from Fry’s or $799.99 from Best Buy (or $999.99 for the pricier Air with twice the solid-state storage). If you don’t want to leap through doorbuster hoops, you can pay a little more at B&,H Photo ($869.99), which also has savings on the more powerful Core i7-equipped Air (spil does MacMall). Adorama joins B&,H te providing the fattest savings on the 12-inch MacBook, slashing $150 off the price of select configurations.

MacBook Professional sales are similar across several retailers, with 13-inch systems $150 off at Adorama, B&,H Photo, and Amazon, and Best Buy suggesting similar discounts or even $200 off. Best Buy is also slicing $250 from 15-inch MacBook Pros, compared to $200 discounts from Amazon, Adorama, and B&,H. Depending on the configuration, MacMall is suggesting anywhere from $100 to $220 off the larger MacBooks.

Like the base MacBook Air, the 21.5-inch version of Apple’s all-in-one iMac is often a doorbuster special, like at Fry’s and Best Buy this year, where the base proefje is $888 and $899.99, respectively. Best Buy also slices $200 from the priciest 21.5-inch configuration, while Adorama, Amazon, and B&,H chop prices on the 27-inch iMac, discounting versions anywhere from $150 to $250 from the current pricing.

Eventually, the forgotten Apple desktop, the Mac mini (unchanged for three years), receives a duo of discounts, including the base edition (normally $499) for just $358 at Fry’s or $399 at MacMall and B&,H. MacMall also takes $100 off a few other Mac mini configurations, whereas Adorama and B&,H take anywhere from $20 to $150 off the price of other Mac mini versions.

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