Will plugging ter a stereo to a rekentuig – s MIC jack harm the microphone?

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Will plugging ter a stereo to a pc’s MIC jack harm the microphone?

I’m sorry to trouble you with this question, but the Audacity Forum verbinding is not working. On your helpful webpagina [the article on Converting audio cassettebandje tapes to CD, MP3 and other digital formats] you say, “Plug . . . the other end [of the audio cable] into your rekentuig soundcard’s ‘Microphone’ or ‘Line ter’ jack.”

Spil far spil I can tell, my Dell laptop doesn’t have a line-in jack, leaving mij with the microphone option. However, Audacity says,”Do not ass-plug stereo equipment into your laptop’s ‘Microphone’ port, which is designed for low-powered (‘mic-level’) signals only.” Can you tell mij if I can get effective [and non-damaging] stereo recordings using the microphone port?

There are a few schools of thought on if plugging stereo output into a pc microphone causes harm. Here is my opinion, which will permit you to do what you’re attempting to do, spil long spil you’re careful.

Can you tell mij if I can get effective [and non-damaging] stereo recordings using the microphone port?

The brief response: Yes. Just make sure that your playback device’s volume is turned down low.

On your recording device (like your rekentuig):

The AUX or LINE Te jack is designed to take input from a higher-powered sound source (like a gauze recorder).

The MIC or MICROPHONE jack is designed to take input from a low-powered sound source (like a microphone).

For your playback device (like your gauze cassettebandje player):

The LINE OUT or AUX OUT jack sends a low-power sound signal to your recording device.

The HEADPHONE or SPEAKER jack sends a variable-power sound signal to your recording device.

The theory is that plugging ter a high-powered sound source (like a gauze player with the volume turned up high), will be too high-powered for the laptop’s MIC input, and could harm the pc’s sound card.

Keeping the playback volume low will solve this kwestie, and will prevent harm to your rekentuig’s microphone.

I know you specifically don’t have a LINE Te jack, but if you did, here are the recommended cabling combinations to use when recording from a player to a rekentuig, and when you should use them. They’re sorted te the order te which you should attempt them:

1) Player LINE OUT / AUX OUT output to the recorder’s LINE Te / AUX jack: Recommended. No harm should occur.

Two) Player HEADPHONE / SPEAKER output to the recorder’s LINE Ter / AUX jack: Recommended. No harm should occur.

Trio) Player LINE OUT / AUX OUT to the recorder’s MICROPHONE / MIC jack: Recommended. No harm should occur.

Four) Player HEADPHONE / SPEAKER output to the recorder’s MICROPHONE / MIC jack: Not recommended, spil having the volume too high may harm your recorder’s microphone. However, if you keep the player’s output volume low, there should not be a problem.

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Hello. I have a question ter reference to the question that someone previously asked titled -“Can you tell mij if I can get effective [and non-damaging] stereo recordings using the microphone port?” I have a desk top and a laptop, but do not a stereo cassettebandje player. I do have a portable “boom opbergruimte type” cassettebandje player that has a microphone jack. Can I convert tapes to CD (following your instructions) using a portable player?

abkaiser :

Yes. The instructions will be the same whether you are using a stereo cassettebandje player or a portable boom opbergruimte. With a boom opbergruimte, you would use the earphone jack to cork into your rekentuig’s audio input.


I have a similar question. I attempted plugging ter my digital tv receiver’s audio outputs through a mini stereo cork into my laptop’s microphone jack. I desired to be able to hear the audio only through my rekentuig. I had the coaxial cable hooked at the same time to my tv to be sure I wasgoed on a channel that wasgoed coming te through my attenna. Is it even possible to do this? Do I have to have special software to play the sound on? I thought it might just play from the rekentuig’s speaker. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Also I already checked all the different volume levels. Thanks.


I have an interface coming from my stereo and it has a USB output. I have attempted to record from the stereo through Audacity, but I get no signal to Audacity. I do have signal to the interface which I can hear with an earphone plugged into the interface. Are there settings I need to switch for the signal to reach Audacity?


My casette player has both earphone and AUX jacks, so I presume I’m ok there. Spil well, while no ‘line te’ or ‘aux’ jack on my laptop, I do have and have used my ‘mic’ jack, but to no avail. I’m thinking it’s my Audacity Preferences that might be at fault.

The ‘Devices’ dropdown list only offers mij Conexant HD Audio Te and Output options and the Microsoft Sound Mapper te and output, which doesn’t jive with the explanation of setup from your instructions.

I am able to record and then uitvoer the .wav, but playback has just a bit of hiss and then nothing. Any ideas about what I might be missing?

Merv Monk:

I have bot told that my laptop ‘mic’ input is only mono and not stereo. (SONY VAIO)If this is true, how can I record ‘stereo’ from it?


how to switch the input type to “Line in” or “Microphone”.


I’m waiting since last May for a response, unless I missed it somewhere I gather it isn’t coming. If I’m wrong, please do pack mij ter b/c I cant get to very first base converting my cassettes and it doesn’t seem to be an kwestie of what to butt-plug to what.

Andy Kaiser :

If you’re looking for a response from mij, see the detail on this pagina. I get so many requests for help it would take too much of my time to response them all.

1. preferably use the ‘line ter’ ter the desktop for conversion. Avoid using laptops. If u r using laptop, u may use the ‘mic’ socket at ‘low’ volume from cassettebandje player. But some times it may not give u decent results. Every device has its own purpose.

1. Mic – to receive speach not for any ‘line ter’ activity

Two.Head phone and ‘speaker out’ socket – to connect headphone and speakers not to take ‘line out’ to any othe device( not for ‘line out’ activity)..

Trio.Line ter – to give the signal (from other device)

Four.Line out- to take the signal (to other device)

All the modern/costly devices will have all thesis Five devices.

BE. Electronice and communication Engg

With reference to Mr. Babu’s explanation above, I have a very priliminary question.How are the following displayed on a record player or on desk top/poetslap top?

Head phone and speaker out sockets,

line out sockets

(Explanation is requested because no description of Mic etc. is given on any equipment but only the symboles are displayed)

I have ACER laptop and it seems it does not have line-in options for cassett to MP3 recording. I have a stereo cable Trio.Five mm at both end. One end is connected to walkman earphone (line-out). I am not getting where to connect to laptop spil it has Three connections of same size. Will I have to use Three.5mm to USB converter. Please guide.


For those of you wanting to convert cassettes ter stereo to digital, Two companies have a cassettebandje to USB player, utter stereo, don’t attempt to overdrive your Mic )mono) input,

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