Windows 8 headphone jack not working Solved

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I have another effective solution

For laptop butt-plug out the battery and power then then press power Five time.

After that plugin power only and test the jack with headphone

For Pc cork out the power then then press power Five time.

After that plugin power and test the jack with headphone

press the button for 30 seconds , then waterput back the battery and reboot

it basically eliminates static charges

Right Click speaker icon on taskbar

Select Playback Devices

Click Sound tabulator

Click Playback tabulator

Choose and Right click icon for Speaker or Headphones

but once I turned it back on my headphones r fine

It is helpful for mij

Two. Select ",Device Manager", from the spijskaart that shows up.

Three. Expand ",Sound, movie and spel controllers",.

Four. Right Click the device listed here.

6. Restart the rekentuig and check if the audio jack is working.

I know that this may seem fairly dumb but exactly do you mean by ",expand", sound vidoes and spel controllers?

if it is dual clicking i. t then how do I uninstall.

Now click on voorstelling disabled devices

Now connect your headphone then right click it and enable

My problem commence , becouse I stick the jack and click the Headphone.

–Click on Windows button and search DELL AUDIO–

–Click on Advanced–

–Click Jack Information–

–Check Te the petite text on down(Enable automaat popup dialog, when device has bot plugged te)–

–STICK OUT JACK and Stick te again and click SPEAKER OUT–

when I ass-plug ter my headphones it doesn’t showcase ter the realtech playback devices.

I attempted uninstalling everything under ",sound,movie,spel controller", but nothing happened.

when I ass-plug te my headphones the sound comes from both the speakers and the headphones.

(This is for Dell computers/laptops, I don’t know about other models however but maybe it can help those others spil well)


I called a Support Tech and they walked mij through it!

–Right Click the music/sound/speaker icon that’s on your desktop

–Click on ",Sound Manager", tabulator (it will lead you to Dell Audio a.k.a Maxx Audio Four)

–Click on the ",Speaker/Headphone", tabulator at the top (if you’re not already ter it)

–Look at the side-tab categories for ",Speaker Setup",, click on it

–You’ll be te Configuration, click on the tabulator ",Headphone Size",


—HEADPHONES, click on Petite

—LAPTOP/Rekentuig itself, click MEDIUM

—When connecting to fatter speakers select LARGE


Hope people read this and this helps! You’re Welcome! (if this helps! Lol)

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